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Hindi version of gets its own home –

India’s first Hindi website on personal finance is getting its own unique identity –

The Hindi version of was launched on 2nd November, 2009. Since it was a Hindi version of this existing website, it was created at

The response to this Hindi website has been phenomenal. And that made me think about this Hindi website all over again:

  • Should this website be limited to being just a Hindi version of this existing website?
  • Can it contain matter that is especially appealing to the Hindi-speaking audience?
  • What exactly is the size of the readership it can address?

And this lead to the final, most important question:

  • Shouldn’t it have its own identity, its own home, instead of being tied to the English website

Yes, definitely it should have its own unique identity!

And therefore, India’s first Hindi website on personal finance now get’s its own domain name – now, you can read about personal finance, financial planning, investing, income tax, loans, etc. in Hindi at “ – Aapka Paisa, Aapki Planning

It’s an easy to remember name, with the same great content that you have been reading on and – I sincerely hope you would like it as much as the existing websites!

Note: Stay tuned – I have a lot more planned for!

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