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Income tax filing season is over – Now play this “Split Stocks” game online and relax!

You are tired after all the hard work for filling and filing your income tax returns (ITRs). Now relax by playing this interesting online game!

The last date for filing your income tax returns (ITR) – 31st July – is gone. And I am sure you would have filed the returns in time.

(Take this poll “Did you file your Income Tax Return (ITR) in time?”)

Preparing and filing the tax returns is stressful. So, now is the time to relax after a lot of hard work! And what better way to relax than to play an online business game?

The “Split Stocks” game

Here is the “Split Stocks” game, where your objective is to earn the most money.

You start with some cash in your account. With this cash, you have to buy your share in any of the five investment options:

  • Bonds
  • Gold
  • Grain
  • Industry
  • Oil

You can buy any share in each of these – you are limited only by the amount of money that you have!

You have to roll a dice while playing the game, and with each roll of the dice, the value of these instruments goes up and down. So, with each roll of the dice, your net worth fluctuates.

During the game, you can also sell some of your stocks, or buy more if you have enough money. Your share also pays dividend from time to time!

Itching to play the game?

Yes, it is quite interesting! So, go ahead and play the game…

But before you actually start playing, please go through the instructions quickly so you know how it works.

The Game

Your feedback

Did you like the game? Would you like to see more such games or other fun things on

Do let me know through the comments below.

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