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New Ebook Launched: “Investing In Gold – Everything You Should Know” is proud to announce its first eBook: “Investing in Gold: Everything you should know“. And it’s easy to get – It’s Free! Read on…

Investing in Gold: Everything you should know

The eBook is exactly what the name says: It has all the basic information that you need to start investing in Gold – Why gold should be a part of your portfolio, how gold should be bought, how much of it should be bought, and lots of other useful information.

This eBook would be offered FREE to all new members on registration.

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It would also be offered free to the registered members of Registered members can download the eBook by doing either of the following:

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Some of the information contained in this eBook can be found on the website as well (You can check out the category “Gold”). But here are the important differences between the articles on the website, and the eBook:

  1. Additional Facts and Figures: The eBook contains lots of additional (and updated) facts and figures.
  2. Extra Information Not Available on the Website: e eBook contains extra sections that are not currently available on the website. For example, it contains a section on what you need to start investing in Gold ETFs, and has a review of the performance of Gold ETFs available in India, among other new information available.
  3. Everything At One Place: The articles on the site are written on a stand-alone basis, and each makes for fine reading independently. Compared to this, the eBook is a package, where you get all you should know about gold investment in one place. No wonder it called “Investing In Gold – Everything You Should Know“!
  4. Natural Flow: Above all, the eBook has a very nice flow. It starts from the basics, and guides you to the finer details in a smooth flow.
  5. Share Easily: You can send or forward the eBook to all your friends, family, Facebook or LinkedIn contacts, Orkut friends – anyone you think would benefit from it!

Some Press Coverage for the eBook Launch

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