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It's TOTALLY FREE! – Redesigned, upgraded and relaunched has been fully redesigned, upgraded and relaunched with improved functionality and a totally new, modern look.

I am really excited to welcome you to the new and improved!

I am sure the regular readers would notice the visual changes immediately. But the changes go much beyond the look and feel of the website.

The changes are of three types:

  • Visual
  • Functional
  • Under the hood

Visual Changes

More “human” URLs

You love the articles. Now, you would love the URLs as well.

Geeky URLs like “” are out, and more descriptive, more understandable URLs like “” are in.

More Colours

Yes, blue was good. But too much of anything isn’t very good! So, welcome green!

Now, the site looks more fresh and lively with a mix of light blue and light green.

More White Spaces

The new site has lots of white spaces – it is roomier, lighter, cleaner. And less boxy!

Buttons in the header

Now, there are buttons in the header of the site for the functionality that is used the most. So, less clicks for you!

Improved Commenting

Leave a comment, and see for yourself!

Modern Look

All these factors make the site visually appealing, and more modern.

Functional Changes

Grievances and Complaints

A totally new section has been added – Grievances and Complaints. This section is for highlighting investor complaints. With a vast readership that is focused on personal finance, we definitely have a collective voice, and can surely make a difference.

If you have any grievance or complaint regarding matters related to personal finance, put it here so that all readers can benefit from your experience. And may be the company’s public relations department would see your complaint and act on it – after all, they would not want other investors to think negatively about their company!

Choose your own password at registration

No more passwords like “EbjUsaL” in email that you have to change after logging in. Now, you can choose your own password at the time of registration. You would just receive an account activation link through email.

Full RSS Feed

The RSS feed of now has full articles. This means that you can read entire articles in your favourite RSS reader.

Your Queries

Going forward, the “Your Queries” section is read-only. That is, you can see the questions and answers there, but you can not ask queries through that section.

But don’t worry – as usual, you can ask detailed queries through the comments under each article. And as usual, the queries would be answered promptly!

(In any case, most people asked their queries through the comments. So, the “Your Queries” section had become redundant)

Business Directory

Going forward, the Business Directory would not be functional. It wasn’t providing much value to you, so it has been removed.

More to come

These are just some functionality related changes that have been released. There is more to come – so stay tuned!

Under the Hood

These are the changes that are not visible to you in any way. Nevertheless, these changes make a big difference.

This means better response time of the site, better security, and better upgradability – so you can expect more features soon!





Your Feedback

Ok, all this is from my side.

What do you feel? Do you like the changes? Do you like the colors? Please do let me know through the comments.

Problems with functionality

I have tested this new site extensively. However, some errors might have escaped my attention.

If you find anything abnormal, anything that is not working, or any link that is broken, again, please let me know through the comments here.

I am eagerly awaiting your feedback!

With regards,
Raag Vamdatt.

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