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It's TOTALLY FREE! launches mobile enabled site – Now, view the website on you cell phone is now viewable on your mobile phone – view the articles even while you are on the move through the mobile version of the site.

I am proud to announce the launch of the mobile version of the website

It is accessible from your internet enabled mobile phone at

Why a mobile version of the website?

The usage of mobile phones is increasing by leaps and bounds every day, and more and more people are having internet connections on their cell phones.

This means that more and more people would be accessing the internet from their mobile phones, and would be looking for financial information and solutions while they are on the go!

I am launching the mobile version of the website to cater to this growing population.

How would the website look?

(Just click on to see for yourself – live – how the website would appear on a mobile phone)

Here is how the website would look on a mobile phone:

1. On a regular internet enabled cell phone - Mobile version

2. On an iPhone - Mobile version on iPhone

3. Mobile version of a full article - Mobile version - Full article

QR Code for the mobile version of

If your phone is enabled for reading a QR code through its camera, simply click this picture to go to the mobile version of - Mobile version - QR Code

(QR code is an encoded version of a website URL. If your phone’s camera has the appropriate software and can read and interpret the QR code, you can go to a website by clicking a picture of the QR code. This is also called mobile tagging.

You can read more about it at and

Type of internet connection needed

Any type of internet connection is fine – GPRS, EDGE, 3G – anything! And it can be on either a GSM phone or a CDMA phone.

How to access the mobile version?

To reach on your cell phone, either type the URL in the browser of your cell phone, or click the QR code above with your mobile’s camera.

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