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Email: is up and running again is back in action again after a brief downtime due to a technical glitch.

Regular visitors to would have noticed that this website was down for about a week.

This was due to a technical issue, which has been solved now. Therefore, I am glad to inform you that the site is fully functional again.

Sincere apology…

First of all, my very sincere apology to all my readers and clients of the “My Financial Plan” service for any difficulty faced during the past week.

A BIG thanks to all my readers

I would like to say a very heartfelt “thank you” to all my readers for their support during this time of distress for me.

An extra-special “thank you” also to all my clients of the “My Financial Plan” service, who were very patient and were very supportive during this whole episode.

Problems during the down-time

All the data (including your comments) of the website remains intact – this means that you would be able to continue to benefit from all the articles and the discussions that have taken place in the comments.

However, there is a high possibility that any email that you sent me during the past week has not reached me – if possible, can you please re-send the email to me? Thanks…

Do you see any errors?

I have tried my best to test all the functionality, and have found everything to be working normally again.

However, if you find anything broken or not working as it should be, please let me know through the comments here. Thanks in advance!

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