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Articles from published in Dignity Dialogue

Select articles from are now being published in Dignity Dialogue, a publication from the NGO Dignity Foundation.

I am glad to announce that select articles from this website are now being published in “Dignity Dialogue”, a monthly magazine from the reputed NGO Dignity Foundation.

Dignity Dialogue

You can find a sample here:

Missed Your IT Deadline? (Might take some time to download – it is a 4.3MB file)

About Dignity Foundation

Dignity Foundation is an NGO that works for the cause and care of our elders (over 50 years of age). Headquartered at Mumbai, Dignity Foundation was established in April 1995 to cater to the needs of the elderly.

Dignity Foundation is a charitable organisation under Societies Reg. Act 1860 GBBSD/97C.

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About Dignity Dialogue

Dignity Dialogue is a monthly magazine published by the Dignity Foundation, and contains articles and information useful for senior citizens.

Amount raised from the subscriptions to Dignity Dialogue is one of the means to fund the activities of Dignity Foundation.

To see the contents of the current issue, please visit

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