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By popular demand: 20% off on financial planning service – Till 10th Oct ONLY


I have recently revised the price of the “My Financial Plan” service to Rs. 7,999, effective 1st Oct.

Even at this new price, this personalized financial planning service provides tremendous value because it remains cheaper than most other financial planning services available – while still providing a 360 degree analysis of your finances and suggesting practical, implementable solutions.

(Please see the announcement here)


The feedback received by me

Since the new price has been in effect, I have received numerous emails asking me to extend the old price for a few more days. The reasons have been varied:

  • Some people wanted to wait till they got their pay on the 1st before buying the “My Financial Plan” service
  • Some people said that I provided a very short notice of only 4 days, and the price had increased before they got a chance to see the email
  • And more…

I believe these arguments are valid,  and I should have probably thought of these myself before deciding on the date for the price increase.


20% discount for a limited time

So here’s some good news if you couldn’t enroll for the “My Financial Plan” service by 30th Sep:

You can receive a 20% discount for the financial planning service if you enroll for it on or before 10th Oct 2011

Just use the following discount code while purchasing it:



Why not the old price?

Although the requests I have received are for continuing the old price for some more time, I can not do that because that would be really unfair to the people who did purchase the “My Financial Plan” service before the deadline. I am sure you would understand my point.

The 20% discount means you would pay Rs. 6,400 for the service – which is halfway between the old price and the new price, and is a reasonable compromise.


Please act now!

But please remember that I would not be able to extend this discount further!

So if you have been sitting on the fence, contemplating whether to buy the “My Financial Plan” service or not, please act now and purchase the financial planning service soon.

And remember to use the discount code off20mfp for getting the 20% discount!




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