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eLagaan’s income tax return preparation and related services – Exclusive discount for you

eLagaan is offering an exclusive discount for the readers of for its various income tax related services. Read on for more details.

eLagaan offers various services related to income tax return preparation: online income tax return (ITR) preparation, obtaining a Permanent Account Number (PAN) and PAN card and obtaining digital signatures for you for e-filing of your income tax returns.

Discount Details

I am glad to let you know that eLagaan would be offering a generous discount to you, the readers of Following are the details:

  • Income Tax Returns: 15% Off
  • Obtaining PAN Card: 5% Off
  • Obtaining Digital Signature: Rs. 100 Off

How do you get the discount?

Please go to eLagaan, and start your income tax return preparation / PAN card application / digital signature application.

While making the payment for their services, you would need to enter the following coupon codes to get the discount:

  • Income Tax Returns: RVTAX
  • Obtaining PAN Card: RVPAN
  • Obtaining Digital Signature: RVDIGISIGN

Details of eLagaan’s Income Tax Return Preparation Services

eLagaan offers its income tax return preparation service at a very reasonable cost. In fact, its basic service is completely free!

It has three levels of services – Plus, Premium and Royale. Each offers support for an increasing type of incomes. The plus service is completely free, whereas “Premium” and “Royale” cost Rs. 179 and Rs. 279 respectively without the discount.

Although some of you would benefit from the free “Plus” service, the “Premium” service – whose net price after discount would be Rs. 152 – should suffice for most people.

PAN Card and Digital Signature Services

Obtaining a PAN card from eLagaan costs Rs. 249 (before the 5% discount). If you are an NRI, it would cost Rs. 1,999 (before the 5% discount).

As far as digital signatures are concerned, eLagaan offers 3 classes of digital signatures – the lowest starts at just Rs. 89! A digital signature for filing income tax returns online would cost you Rs. 849 (before the Rs. 100 discount).

Summary of Discounts

ServiceOriginal PriceCoupon codeDiscountDiscounted Price
ITR Preparation – PlusFreeNANAFree
ITR Preparation – PremiumRs. 179.00RVTAX15%Rs. 152.15
ITR Preparation – RoyaleRs. 279.00RVTAX15%Rs. 237.15
PAN Card ApplicationRs. 249RVPAN5%Rs. 236.55
PAN Card Application – NRIsRs. 1,999.00RVPAN5%Rs. 1,899.05
Digital Signature ApplicationRs. 849.00RVDIGISIGNRs. 100.00Rs. 749.00


If you avail eLagaan’s services and use the discount code, I would earn a small referral fee. However, it does not increase your cost in any way. It is a win-win situation for all of us – you get a discount, I get a fee, and eLagaan gets more business.

I am sure you would not mind it. In fact, if you like this website and have benefited from it, I would encourage you to avail this service using the discount codes.

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