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Client Feedback

- 100% of my clients would recommend "My Financial Plan" service to their friends and family

- 100% of my clients say the
financial planning exercise is comprehensive

- 100% of my clients think the financial plan would help them plan their finances well and achieve their financial goals

- 100% of my clients think the
financial plan is practically implementable

- 80% of my clients did not
feel the need to talk to me over the phone during the financial planning exercise

- 70% of my clients
rated their overall experience with "My Financial Plan" as "excellent", 30% as "very good"

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I got my financial plan prepared through “My Financial Plan”. Now what?

Although very important, the preparation of your financial plan is only the first step in ensuring your financial well being.

But just a financial plan would not make you achieve your goals. Once you start altering your financial decisions based on the plan, we would need to periodically review your progress. And if necessary, we would need to make adjustments to your financial plan.

Changes are also required in your financial plan based on your life events. For example, when you get married, or when you have a child. Therefore, we need periodic reviews of your financial plan.

And apart from the review of your financial plan, we would also need to assess your financial decisions – to check if you are actually taking financial decisions based on the plan, or if you are continuing with your old habits!

We would also review the investments that you have made, and whether they need to be changed. For example, if you have invested in a mutual fund scheme, and it is not performing very well, we would need to move out of it and reinvest in another scheme. This is something that we would do during the yearly review.

Analogy 1 – A building's blue print

Let's take the analogy of a blue print. A blue print is a plan for the construction of a building. Now, is mere preparation of the plan enough to ensure that the building gets constructed properly?

No! We need to continuously ensure that the building is being built as per the plan. If that is not the case, even the best plan would not result in a good building!

Analogy 2 – A doctor's prescription

When you are not well, you go to a doctor, and the doctor prescribes you some medicines. She asks you to visit her again so that she can check if your condition has improved based on the medicines.

This second visit is really important, because without it, the doctor can not find out if the medicines are working. The doctor can't make sure that your health is improving, which was the whole point behind visiting the doctor in the first place!

The Bottomline

Continuous monitoring and review are essential to ensure the success of your financial plan. Therefore, it is best to get together once every year to evaluate your progress as per the financial plan, and to review the financial plan as well.


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