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Income Tax (IT) Return Filing – Which ITR form to use?

This article clarifies the most important question this time of the year: Which ITR form to use to file the income tax return? The forms are also available for a free download.

It is income tax (IT) return filing season. And as usual, it is a time for much confusion!! And the most puzzling thing for most of us: Which form to use to file the income tax return?

Here is your guide to the most commonly used income tax return forms.


Update: Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) Forms: AY 2011-12 / FY 2010-11

The IT returns for AY 2011-12 (FY 2010-11) have been notified now. Click below to download the form relevant to you. (To know which form you should be filling, and for older downloadable IT return forms, please scroll down)

(You need to be registered and logged in to download. For free registration, please click here)

Login Required ITR1 – Sahaj

Login Required Instructions for ITR1

Login Required ITR2

Login Required Instructions for ITR2

Login Required ITR3

Login Required Instructions for ITR3

Login Required ITR4S – Sugam

Login Required Instructions for ITR-4S

Login Required ITR4

Login Required Instructions for ITR4

Login Required Acknowledgement ITRV


Update: Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) Forms: AY 2010-11 / FY 2009-10

The IT returns for AY 2010-11 (FY 2009-10) have been notified now. Click below to download the form relevant to you. (To know which form you should be filling, and for older downloadable IT return forms, please scroll down)

Income Tax Return Form 1 (ITR 1 / ITR1)

Income Tax Return Form 2 (ITR 2 / ITR2)

Income Tax Return Form 3 (ITR 3 / ITR3)

Income Tax Return Form 4 (ITR 4 / ITR4)

Income Tax Return V (ITR V / ITRV)



Update: Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) Forms: AY 2009-10 / FY 2008-09

The IT returns for AY 2009-10 (FY 2008-09) have been notified now. Click below to download the form relevant to you. (For downloadable IT return forms for AY 2008-09, and to know which form you should be filling, please scroll down)

Income Tax Return Form 1 (ITR 1)

Income Tax Return Form 2 (ITR 2)

Income Tax Return Form 3 (ITR 3)

Income Tax Return Form 4 (ITR 4)

Acknowledgement (Please scroll to the last page of the downloaded form for the acknowledgement)

Please read “Income Tax (IT) Slabs / Brackets and rates” to know the latest slabs and Income Tax (IT) Rates.

(Don’t understand terms like assessment year and previous year? Please read “Income Tax (IT) Jargon – Financial Year (FY), Assessment Year (AY) and Previous Year (PY)“)

(Confused about filling the income tax return form – ITR? Want step by step guidance, and a video tutorial? Please read “How to fill Income Tax Return Form 1 (ITR1)“)


Form ITR1

ITR-1 is the most basic IT return form, and is applicable only for people having most basic incomes!!

It is for individuals having income from:

  • Salary / Pension / Family Pension
  • Interest

Thus, it is for people having a salary (or pension) and having savings bank accounts, fixed deposits, National Savings Certificates (NSCs), or other interest bearing instruments.

Form ITR-1 is not for people having capital gains, or for people having income from house property or business / profession.

Thus, ITR1 is not for you if:

  • You are filing on behalf of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  • You have sold shares / mutual funds in the past year (FY 07-08)
  • You have sold house / land in the past year (FY 07-08)
  • You have paid EMI for your house to repay your home loan
  • You have rented out your house
  • You have income from your business or profession

Download Income Tax Return Form ITR 1 (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)

Download Income Tax Return Form ITR 1 Instructions (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)

Download Income Tax Return Acknowledgement (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)


Form ITR2

ITR-2 is for individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) having income from:

  • Salary / Pension / Family Pension
  • Interest
  • House Property
  • Capital Gains

ITR2 is for you if:

  • You have income from salary or pension
  • You have savings bank accounts, fixed deposits, National Savings Certificates (NSCs), or other interest bearing instruments
  • You have sold shares / mutual funds in the past year (FY 07-08)
  • You have sold house / land in the past year (FY 07-08)
  • You have paid EMI for your house to repay your home loan
  • You have rented out your house
  • You are filing on behalf of a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) that doesn’t have income from business or profession

ITR2 is not for you if:

  • You have income from your business or profession

Download Income Tax Return Form ITR 2 (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)

Download Income Tax Return Form ITR 2 Instructions (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)

Download Income Tax Return Acknowledgement (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)


Form ITR3

From ITR-3 is for individuals or HUFs that are partners in firms, but who are not carrying out business or profession under any proprietorship.

ITR3 is for you if:

  • You are a partner in a firm
  • You are filing on behalf of an HUF that is a partner in a firm

ITR3 is not for you if:

  • You have a proprietary business
  • You are filing on behalf of an HUF, and it has a proprietary business
  • You or your HUF are not a partner in any firm

Download Income Tax Return Form ITR 3 (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)

Download Income Tax Return Form ITR 3 Instructions (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)

Download Income Tax Return Acknowledgement (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)


Form ITR4

Form ITR-4 is for individuals and HUFs that have income from a proprietary business or profession.

ITR4 is for you if:

  • You have a proprietary business
  • You are filing on behalf of an HUF, and it has a proprietary business

ITR4 is not for you if:

  • You or your HUF do not have a proprietary business

Download Income Tax Return Form ITR 4 (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)

Download Income Tax Return Form ITR 4 Instructions (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)

Download Income Tax Return Acknowledgement (AY 2008-09 / FY 2007-08)


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  1. Hi Rajesh,

    You have income from salary, income from business and profession and income from capital gains.

    Therefore, you should use ITR4.

  2. Dear Raagvam

    pl reply to my query:

    I am working in a full time salary basis
    I have some income from insurance commission
    I have some profit/loss from intra day share trading(Same day Squareing up) as well as short term delivery based trading

    pl.advise which ITR form will be used for income tax return

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks a lot for the very kind words…. Encouragement like this keeps me going! Please do let your friends and family know about this website!

    For filing the ITR, you need full details of your income. If you have worked in two companies, this means that you need Form 16 from both the companies – only then, you would have the full salary for the year.

    But I don’t understand your problem – you are saying that the old company would issue you a form 16. Your new company would anyway issue you a form 16.

    So, you would have form 16 from both employers – which means there is no problem.

    A point to note: Please note that you are not supposed to submit any documents (form 16, investment proofs, etc) along with your ITR. These are to be presented only if asked by the assessing officer (AO).

  4. Mahabir Prasad Agarwall says:

    Being a partner having major income from partnership firm and also income from own trading business. Which ITR should he use to file his Income Tax Return for the Assessment Year 2008-2009

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mr. Mishra,

    If you have sold your house in Sep 08, you have to consider that in the calculations when you file your return for AY 2009-10. You do not have the option to do it in the next year (AY 2010-11).

    And yes, cost incurred towards major maintenance / repair can definitely be included as a cost while calculating your capital gain.

    I have written a detailed article on calculation of capital gain on sale of a house – please read “Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG) on Sale of a House – Calculation and Income Tax” for more details.

    I have also written an article on saving income tax on LTCG from sale of a house – please read “How to save / avoid Long Term Capital Gain (LTCG) Tax on Sale of a house” “.

  6. G P Mishra says:

    I sold my house in Sep, 08.

    As I understand I can file returns for this in 2009 or 2010. If I want to file it in 2010 what do I srite in the returns to be filed in 2009?

    Moreover if I have to file about it in 2009 then whether the cost incurred towards major maintenance few times between sale & purchase can be included in computing the capital gain?

    Please explain.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Raag,

    I went thruogh your profile, its amazing you are doing all this as a hobby, really great, there are very few people who does this kind of community service, you are surely one of them, great and keep it up.

    My query is regarding filing of income tax and form 16.

    I filed ITR for 08-09 alright. In april 08 I joined a new company and left this company in Feb 09. Now, my query is that my previous employer is supposed to provide me with form 16.

    I submitted all the investment proofs to them in Dec 08 for that purpose, but would that be enough to file ITR, since I am working with another company now since Feb 09.

    I am really confused, should I file ITR on the form 16 provided to me by my previous employer, but that would not include all the income till March 31.

    In short,what options do I have in this situation ?

  8. Anil Kumar says:

    I am doing self bussiness.

    Is it necessary to verify all documents by any charted accountant before filling the returns?
    If I am not able to find any charted accountant then what is the way forward.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anil,

    It is not mandatory for all businesses – only businesses having revenue / income over a certain level need to get their profit and loss accounts and balance sheets audited by a chartered accountant (CA).

    Again, they only need to get results audited – filing of income tax returns through CAs is not mandatory.

    But businesses usually take help of chartered accountants as they are aware of all the latest rules (and rule changes!), and can help you avoid any penalties and can help minimize your income tax liability.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hello Mahabir Prasad,

    I am not experienced in dealing with income from partnerships and businesses. Therefore, I would not be able to help you here. Sorry!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sanjay,

    Since there is a capital loss, you would need to fill ITR2.

  12. I have invested in equities. I have no capital gain (Short term or long term) but I have only short term capital loss during the financial year 2008-09.

    I have income from interest provide by bank and no other source of income. Which ITR form I am supposed to fill for AY 2009-10.

  13. Hi there

    Just chanced upon this site.

    Really great work you are doing here.

    My querry: I only have interest income from FD/savings account and dividend income from equity/balanced MF in FY 08-09. No salary and no selling of any MF units. Should I use ITR1 or ITR2?


  14. dear sir,

    I am working in limited company and my monthly salary is 10000Rs/-
    i want to submit my returns
    because i want to take house lone

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Guddu,

    Thanks for the compliments… I am glad that you liked the website.

    For your purpose, you can use ITR1. All your income would come under “income from other sources”.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dear Mr. Rao,

    Ideally, since your total income is below the taxable limit, you need not file any income tax return.

    However, if you want to file one for taking a home loan, please file ITR1.

    The process is the same as for everyone else. Please indicate your total salary as “income from salary”. And in the tax payable, the amount would be zero.

  17. Dear Raagvam,

    In this financial year 2008 -2009 , I worked in 2 Companies, From April 2008 to July 2009 in one company & from August 2008 to march 2009 is 2nd company. I didn’t submitted my previous employee income details to present company. So both side tax is deducted as per the details provided. Now after calculation I may have to pay extra tax from both income. Both companies will give the FORM 16 so now how can pay the extra amount to IT dept & what needs to be done. Please guide.

  18. Hi Raag,

    Impressive Resume and an equally impressive quality of advices and help being rendered to people especially the “beginners” like me.
    I had a question about the ITR Form to be used. I am a salaried person who has now been involved in equities for the past few months. I am in the process of preparing for AY09-10. I have a regular income with interests on FDs, Home loan, short term delivery trades and lots of intra-day square-off trades. My questions:
    1.) What form should I be using to file my returns.
    2.) Is there a limit to the total transaction amounts for speculations beyond which I need to prepare for Tax Audits?


  19. Hi Raagvam,

    I have lost my previous year ITR and now I need them. Is there any way to get the duplicate ITR receipts either online or from any income tax office.


  20. Anonymous says:


    Income from commission from LIC etc would be treated as “income from business and profession”.

    Therefore, you need to file ITR4.

  21. M H Laskar says:

    Kindly inform me which ITR should be used for filling of Income Tax Return whose income source is from Commission from LICI/Sahar etc. etc. ???

    Thanking you.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sachin,

    1. You need to fill and file ITR2.

    2. There is no specific limit. However, if the assessing officer (AO) thinks that your trading income is a large proportion of your total income, he can treat it as “business income” instead of short term capital gain (STCG).

    In that case, you would need to pay tax on the gains as per the IT slabs applicable to you instead of the concessional rate of tax on STCG.

    Relevant articles:

    - Income Tax (IT) Slabs / Brackets and rates – FY 2008-09 AY 2009-10

    - Long Term and Short Term Capital Gain – Income Tax Calculation

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi Faiyaz,

    I am sorry, but I do not know of any particular method of getting a duplicate IT return.

    I believe your best bet would be to approach your AO, and make an application for getting a duplicate IT return.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sawmy,

    You would need to pay something called a “self assessment tax”.

    You can pay this at many banks, including most branches of State Bank of India (SBI).

    You would need to fill up a simple challan, and pay the amount. You would get a stamped copy of the challan for your records.

  25. Sachin John says:


    Thanks for the inputs. However, intra-day square off transactions, the gains or losses made can be shown under STC(G/L)? I was under the impression that this set comes under Speculations and hence ITR-IV.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Hello raag,
    Sorry for posting the question without reading the article. I have to file the IT returns for the FY08-09. I was salarised and did share trading on the months of FEB’09,MARCH’09. I got loss as a whole. Which form i have to fill for filing IT returns. Please suggest.

  27. I am working in a full time salary basis
    I have some income from insurance

    pl advice which ITR Form to be used

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rajesh,

    Since you have income from insurance (I assume you sell insurance and have received commission), you should file ITR4.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hi kperisetti,

    Please file ITR2.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sachin,

    For salaried people, generally, share trading income is treated as STCG / LTCG.

    However, if the trading income is a large as a proportion of your total income, then the AO can treat it as “business income”.

    The logic is that if you earn a large proportion of your income from share trading (Say your salary income is Rs. 4 Lakhs and you earned profit of Rs. 3.5 Lakhs from share transactions), then it means that it is also one of the primary sources of your income.

    In that case, it would be treated as business income.

  31. Earlier I was salaried employee till Dec Oct 2008 & after that I started working as full time LIC agent from Nov 2008.
    Which ITR form should I use?

  32. Gourish Das says:

    My car has been hiered by a Company. The company issued me a form 16 A. Which ITR form I have to use?
    Also what will be the source of income in ITR form?

  33. I worked in a private company on a contract job. They have issued me Form 16A. Which ITR form should I use?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hi Amol,

    You should use ITR 4.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Hi Naveen,

    If you were on contract, were you not getting a salary? If you were getting a fixed monthly payment, I believe you can still file ITR1.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Dear R.V.Ramachandran,

    You can file ITR2. Since the professional consultancy payment is a one-time payment, you can show it under “other income”.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Hi Gourish,

    Is hiring out the car your business? In that case, this is business income and you should file ITR4.

    Otherwise, this would be other income, and you need to file ITR1 or 2 depending on your other incomes.

  38. R.V.Ramachandran says:

    Dear Sirs,

    Prior to filing my returns, I have a query.

    I have income from the following sources ( I am a retired senior citizen aged 67 years):

    1) Interest income form 8% GOI taxable bonds
    2) Interest from 9% senior citizen’s scheme, post office MIS scheme and Varishta Bima Yojana
    3) Income from investments in bank deposits, fixed deposits in companies
    4) A one-time payment (of Rs.17500) for professional consultancy for a private company
    5) tax free dividends from Indian equity shares and mutual funds and interest from 6.5% GOI bond
    6) I own one residence, self-occupied
    7) I get annuity pension from LIC (from my superannuation funds arranged by my company)

    Which IT form will apply to me?


  39. Sharief says:

    I had transferred some amount to my wife’s account, with which she had done trading. My wife is educated (BE) and currently she is not working and alos does not have any other source of income…

    1. Should I include these trading transactions in my IT returns or should she be filing it in her IT returns as the source of the money was through my income.

    2. In her transactions, some are intraday transactions. Should they be included in capital gains section?

  40. Hi,
    I am a salaried person with some profit (app Rs 1000) from intraday trading and short term gain (app Rs.5000).
    Where do I indicate these amounts in ITR2.
    Also is the tax calculation different for intraday & short term gain. If yes then please explain the difference.


  41. Duranta says:


    First of all thanks a lot for this beautiful site with promot responses.

    May i request you to clear the following doubts.

    I left my last organization in June 2008 end and joined another company. At this moment i have form 16 from both the companies. From my previous employer i have a good amount of return to receive from govt.

    Presently i am staying abroad. I have the digital form 16s of both the companies.

    Will i be to file the return through online?
    Do i need file 2 returns for both the form 16s?

    Please dont mind if my question is already answered above.

    Thanks in advance.

  42. Shreevallabh says:

    Hi. I wanted to know where to include the derivative losses in form ITR 4. I am a salaried employee with derivative losses in the stock market, income from short term capital gain and day trading gains. Which forms should I fill in ITR 4. I am confused, should I include anything in nature of business? What about balance sheet and P&L. I have none of these computed. So where do I put the losses of derivatives. Also, is it possible to offset the losses in derivatives with the profit in short term capital gains through securities transaction. Please let me know. Would appreciate if you could tell me the exact specific lines where I include these items in the ITR4. Many Thanks for your help

  43. Dear Sir,

    I was just going through your site, its really amazing, I have 2 queires, hoping some answers/guidance from your end:

    1. I have worked with one company as Full time employee from April 2008 to October 2008, & than i worked with the same company from November 2008 to April 2009 as a consultant, When i was working as full time employee, my tax deduction was normal, & i have got form 16 form for the same, n When i worked as consultant, tax rate was 10.3% of total amount, & i have got form 16A for the same period, So requesting you to please guide which form to fill, ITR-1 or ITR-4?? or some thing else.

    2. How to get my tax return, when i was working as consultant, as rate was higher, so probably i confirmed with my friends, i can show some expenditure, i will be getting my tax return,…

    Please guide,

    Pankaj Kumar Ludhani

  44. Dear Professional,

    I thank you for the great work you are doing to all of us.

    Please examine my situation.

    I was working in a company till Dec-2008. I joined on new company from Jan and have been working till now. My previous employer has issued a Form-16 upto Dec-2008.

    How should I collect the Form-16 from my current employer? Is there any related issued that needs to be taken care of? Please give your details advice and suggestions.

    Thank you in advance.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for your kind words…

    You can definitely file a return with 2 Form 16s. Just add up the amounts (salary, TDs, etc), and fill up the ITR.

    Your new company would be giving you your Form 16. If it hasn’t done it already, please contact your accounts department.

    But please note that it would not issue a form 16 if it has not been making any tax deductions (TDS) from your salary.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hi Urjita,

    For people whose profession is not intraday trading, the calculation is not different for short term profit and intraday trading.

    When you earn from intraday trades, the duration of holding is less than 1 year, and therefore, the gain is short term capital gain.

    So, please add up the amounts and show then as short term capital gain in the schedule for capital gain (CG).

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hi Shreevallabh,

    You have income (or loss) from derivative trading, which is treated as business income. Therefore, you need to file ITR4.

    For derivatives and delivery-based transactions, I believe you have to fill schedule BP-A in ITR4.

    However, I am not very familiar with the rules regarding derivatives. So, it would be best for you to approach a practicing CA who would be able to help you better and would help you save taxes.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sharief,

    1. Yes, any income from the transactions undertaken using your money should be included in your return.

    2. Yes. It would be short term capital gain (STCG).

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hi Pankaj,


    1. You need to file OTR4 as you have income from business and profession.

    2. Yes, from your professional income (as consultant), you would be able to deduct many expenses that you would have incurred in order to earn such an income (such deductions are not available to salaried people).

    I would recommend approaching a practicing CA who would be able to help you minimize your income tax liability.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hi Duranta,

    You don’t need to file 2 returns. You should add up the amounts from both Form 16s, and put it in an ITR. You should be able to do this online.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Hi Suresh,


    Unfortunately, a Form 16 from the previous employer is a must. It is not required to be filed along with the return, but if the assessing officer (AO) demands, you have to produce it.

    While filing the ITR form, you would also mention the income form the previous employer, and therefore, the tax payable / refund would automatically become 0 as per your total income of the year.

  52. Hi Sir,

    First of all Thank you for providing wonderful support through this website.

    I worked in a Company Till Septemer2008 in FY 08-09, and shifted to another Company with a Salary Hike
    In my first company there is No tax deduction (or A nominal Amt of 150 Rs) from My salary, and I cannot Approach my previous employer for Form-16 (As there are some disputes).
    I have submitted form 12B to my current employer with complete details of income from my previous employer, my new Employer deducted the Tax from the salary by considering income from previous employer, but in Form-16 from current employer The details of income from previous employer not mentioned, and the statement given as shown below in form-16
    17. Tax payable (15-16) 4672
    18. Less (a) Tax deducted at source u/s 192 (1) 13463
    19. Tax Payable /(Refundable) (17-18) -8791
    But actual Tax Payable /(Refundable) (17-18) should be 0
    Please suggest me how to fill the ITR, is the form16 from previous employer is must?.


  53. Amit RS says:


    I am a salaried employee, recd. form-16 from my organization. I take up some part-time classes at one college also, they issued me from 16A.
    Q1, which ITR should I use now.
    Q2, If I wish to file ITR on line, still do I need to download a particular ITR form?

    Form- 16 from employer; FOrm 16A from part time teaching college

  54. Radha Krishna says:

    I want to file ITR of my previous financial year 2008-09.I could not fillup the ITR of previous year.So, Please tell me which form will be uses & how Can I fill This.I am a IC of Bajaj Allianze Life Insurance Company.

  55. RavitejaB says:

    Hi Raghav
    Its really very gud to see your efforts in educating the ppl about tax….I have one query!! I worked as an intern in a company till June’08.Then from July’08 i m working for a different company as a regular employee. I received Form16 from the current employer and Form16 A from the previous employer. I am confused whether to fill ITR1or ITR4? Please clarify??Thanks in advance ….

  56. Naresh M says:

    Discrepancy in FORM 16

    I have paid tax of Rs. 27700 but in my form 16 it is shown as Rs.22300 only. I have approached my payrool tema and HR but no body has sorted out the issue. May please let me know how to get my FORM 16 corrected. how to claim my excess amount which was deducted?


  58. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ashish,

    Since this is a business for you, you should be filing ITR4.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hi Raviteja,

    Thanks a lot for your kind words…

    You don’t have to file ITR4 just because you have two Form 16s – you can file ITR1.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Hi Naresh,

    Form 16 is the only proof of you having paid the tax. Therefore, the only way out is to get a corrected form 16.

    As a way out, you can file your return now with the existing form 16, and can file a revised return when you get the updated form 16.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Hi Radha Krishna,

    Since you earn income from business, you should be filing ITR4.

  62. My house is under construction. I have started paying full emi in F
    1. Can I claim principal repayment u/s 80c?
    2. I cannot claim interest benefit u/s 24. Do I need to file ITR2 this year (AY09-10) to show my interest , so that I can claim pre-possession interest benefit over the next 5 yrs?

  63. Anonymous says:


    I am a regular employee from an Institute for which I have
    the usual Form 16. I also did two consultancy service — each
    of Rs. 1,00,000 — for which I have Form 16A. Which ITR form
    should I use?

    Thanks in advance.

  64. Hi,

    I was working in Bangalore till May08. Now I am working abroad. I have some refund to be received which was deducted by my previous company.

    Which form should I use?

  65. AMit RS says:

    If I’ve FOrm-16 which has got all details of investments basis the proofs submitted by me in my company, still I need to attach all proofs again while filing ITR, how is it possible to attach when I am filing ITR online.

    Can you provide me checklist/ list of documents while filing e-return (online)


  66. Tejvinder Batra says:

    Hi Raag,
    I filed ITR in for fy 2008-09. But till today i didnt recieved my return. Can you please let me know how can i get the return.
    rgds// Tejvinder Batra

  67. Prof Sharma says:

    Dear Sir, I am a retired person. I am receiving monthly pension. But I am working after retirement, its on contract basis for 3 years, but they pay monthly. It is basically a teaching/consultant job at a deemed university. Also teach at another technical institute where they pay me on hourly basis. In both cases I am not employee, but an outside consultant/visiting faculty. Also a little interest on bank deposits. Which ITR is applicable to me for e-filing my returns? Would appreciate an early response. Thanks and regards.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tejvinder,

    The process of refund is a long drawn process. I would recommend waiting for around 1 year after filing a return for getting a refund.

    I would add your case to the “Grievances” section.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Dear Prof. Sharma,

    You should be filing ITR4, as you are working as an outside consultant.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Hi Amit,

    You do not have to attach any investment proofs with the ITR, whether you are filing online or physically.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Dear Anish,

    You should be able to file ITR1 – you can show the consultancy income as “Other Income”.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Hi Anand,

    1. No. It can be claimed only after the construction is over and you get possession.

    2. You don’t have to show the pre-EMI interest in the ITR. So, you can use ITR1.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Hi Amit,

    You can file ITR1, with the part-time classes income as “Other Income”.

    You don’t have to download an ITR form if you are filing online. All the details would be mentioned on the website where you file online.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Hi Deepak,

    There is no special form required in your situation (working abroad / claiming refund, etc)

    Please file a return appropriate for you as described in the article.

  75. Hi Raagvam,

    I filed my taxes online using The ITR – V form they sent me could not be opened using the password combination sent by me. (This combination was also mentioned on the IT Dept website.

    I have sent repeated mails to the Efiling Income Tax Administrator, (as mentioned by at, but to no avail.

    Please suggest next course of action.

    Thanks in advance.


  76. Hi Probal,

    I’m sorry, I would not be able to help you out here… I think you have done the right thing by emailing them.

    In any case, I would put this up in the “grievances” section on your behalf…

  77. n.ramadoss says:

    I am unable to download format of certificate to avail sec80dd benefit , from your website. The same may be forwarded to my e-mail please.

  78. My father does not earn and I’m taking care of my younger brother’s education which is 90,000 per annum. Will I get a concession/rebate for spending money to support his education?

  79. Anonymous says:

    Hi Poonam,

    Unfortunately, tax benefit is available only for education expenses for your children. Therefore, you would not get any tax break on this.

  80. jitendra kumar sharma says:


    you may provided the ITR Form for A.Y. 2010-11 whether it is release or not. kindly tell me.

  81. Satya Brata Gupta says:

    I am a retired person from Govt. Service and drawing Pension.
    After my retirement I am engaged in cosultancy work in personal capacity (I did not set up any company or firm). For this consultancy work I receive payment from my clients and they deduct the TDS.
    Hence my income comprises of:
    Consultancy Service
    Interest from Bank Fixed Deposits

    Please let me know which ITR Form is appropriate for for filing of my IT Return for the assesment year 2010-2011.

    Best Regards,

    Satya Brata Gupta

  82. Abhishek Bhatnagar says:

    I was working in one company till October 2009 and other one since Nov 2009 till date. I have two form 16 with me. I also have taken Education Loan, the deductions for which were not done in any of the form 16. I also have taken land property loan which is also not shown in any of the Form 16. I want to make the adjustments and file return, which ITR form should i use for filing it online? Also what are the addtional document proofs i have to submit for the adjustments done?

  83. Pitchappan says:

    Hi raagvamdatt. I appreciate the great job you’ve done to thousands of people who are not aware of the facts and procedures in income tax domain. I have a query: I worked as an intern/contractor in a pvt. company till June’09, with direct TDS of 10.3% and I was not allowed to declare my investments.Then from Aug’09 i’m working for a different pvt. company as a regular employee. I received Form16 from the current employer and Form16A from the previous employer. I am confused how and whether to fill ITR1 or ITR4 online at How to fill in data from both forms? I have to get a large amount of tax refund. Also what is form ITR V, where to get it and how is it different from ITR1 or ITR4? Also for FY 2008-09, I have to get a large tax refund for the TDS I had paid at the first pvt. company, which I haven’t still got after filing returns and claiming refund. How to ensure I get the refund? Thanks in advance!

  84. CR DEWASI says:

    I am a civil servent, I had filled a return for (ay 2008-09 in april 2009) ITR-1 only salary.
    I had short term losses from security (Shares sale ) Rs. 1.00 lac. I did not know abt carry forward of losses.
    in the year 2009-10 i have short term gain (CG) 1.00 lac
    can I show my last years losses Carry forwarder..
    I can file revised returns
    i have to suffer..????

  85. Hi,

    This is in regards to knowing that there has been a cash transfer done to my a/c, for securing my admissions overseas. However since the amt is Rs.540000, can you please advice in terms of Gift deed or return & how can my parents show that as a gift.

    Kindly guide in layman terms, as not very familiar with it.


  86. Anonymous says:

    Since, Apr 09 to Oct 09, i worked in one company where i didnt showed any investment proofs, no house rent receipts and no tax is deducted. Upon relieving from the company, they just give me salary statement for the duration and now they are not providing me any Form 16 as they say they have not made any deductions.

    In my current organisation, accounts people have deducted TDS keeping my previous organization salary statement and current salary till march 10.

    Tell me how to file my return. if i put salary figures in the TDS excel sheet, i says my income tax deducted is refundable.

    Please guide me


  87. Guruprasad says:

    Dear Sir,

    I submitted ITR-1 online, with out digital signature.
    The ITR-1 was prepared using the PDF utility available in the income tax website. After filing, i noticed that the ITR-V received, was having some missing information like, deduction under chapter VI-A,Total income, Net tax payable, but TDS and return amount was correct.
    Then I re-submitted ITR-1, but this time I used the excel utility to generate the xml file. The ITR-V generated this time had correct info.
    Now, should I post both ITR-V,s (one correct and one incorrect), or is it enough to post only the correct re-submitted form?

    I compared the xml files generated using pdf and excel utility, and found that the PDF utility is not correctly generating the xml file.

    I have mailed to the income tax department, but no response from them.

  88. Hi Raag Vamdatt,

    I don’t have words to describe your work as probably i can rate this site as the best professional income tax guide i have ever seen till date. Hats of to your hard work and passion to help people.

    I just have a small query:

    I got income from (FY 2009 – 2010)
    -> savings bank interest
    -> Longterm capital gains obtained by selling shares and mutual funds that were held for more than a year
    -> Dividends obtained on shares and mutual funds held for more than a year
    -> Short term capital gains obtained by intraday trading and delivery based calls (i.e. within a year)

    I have no other source of income. Now if the total of the above mentioned earnings doesn’t exceed 1.6 lakhs slab would i still need to file my returns.

    Thanks for you patience

  89. hi,
    I really appreciate u for your posts and thank u for the same.
    I am working as a consultant in a company where they have issued me form 16a, i want to file it so which ITR-v should i use so that i can get the tax deposited during my consultant time.

  90. Excellent effort.
    I got the answer to my questions by reviewing the previous questions and answers you have posted here.
    Thank You for answering all these questions and my own.

  91. Anonymous says:

    My sis in law have income only from salary and she filed ITR2. I think ITR1 is for her. What is to be done now? Should she have to file ITR1 also ?

  92. Laxman Gore says:

    i am government salaried person and also lic agent so which itr form use to return file ‘

  93. gaurav singla says:

    i am a partner in the firm and also having income from proprietry business . which itr i should file…………….

  94. Karthick A says:

    Hi Raag Vamdatt,

    I am amazed by the number of queries answered in this site. Bravo!! That prompted me to place my doubts here.
    Actually I worked on contract basis in a firm till Feb and was issued Form 16 A for this. Later from March I was made a permanent employee in the same firm and for this they have provided Form 16.

    Hence my first doubt is in such cases how to file do I have to use ITR form, If so which one. Or do I need myself to be audited ( as one of my friend suggested ). Also I have made a few stock investments from the money deposited in my account after tax deductions abroad. Are they taxable. If so how to file the same.

    Thanks in advance

  95. N Hari Krishna says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have started claiming tax refund for the Pre-EMI interest that I have paid through last year’s IT Returns. I understand it needs to be claimed back in 5 years time, so last year’s was the first one. Now, if I need to claim the 2nd installment of the refund this year (AY 2011-12), which for do I need to use? ITR-1 or ITR-2? Because for ITR-1 (Sahaj), it says that it needs to be used only if the losses are not carried forward from the previous year. I got my refund last time (for the 1st installment of refund for the pre-EMI) through my bank account.

  96. Hi Raag,

    I appriciate your efforts to clear the queries.

    I am a salaried employe in a MNC and i get a form-16, I have a petrol bunk on my name. so, which form should be used.

    is it possible to clain salary and propritory bussiness on single pan card. i am confused, please advice.

    Thanks for you help in advance.

  97. Gaurav Arora says:


    I am a salaried employee.
    Apart from my job, I have some agricultural income.
    Which ITR form should I use for fin year 2010-11.

  98. Hi
    I am getting commission from sale & purchase of property as property dealer which form i will file for ITR ITR 4 Or ITR 4S

  99. sathish kumar donthu says:

    i did my intern ship for 3 months and i filed return using ITR-1 instead ITR-4. IS it is a problem, now what i have to do?

  100. I am a salaried person. My CA says that he has filed my ITR but since long he is not giving me the ITR receipt. How can I know if he has filed my ITR?

  101. HI ,,

    I am contract employee of some company, company gives us fixed salary. and they are filling form 16 or any other form. company said you fill your income tax forms on your own.
    Please suggest what should i do?? and which form i should submit??

  102. Raman Sharma says:

    i received income from salary and insurance, please tell me which expenses claim in ITR , or which ITR fomr fill by me, because i have spend near about 10,000.00 in petrol.

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