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Interviewed by and FAAIDA

I was recently interviews by and FAAIDA. Here are the details.

I was recently interviewd by, the reputed financial portal. The interview was also published by Financial Advisors Association of India (FAAIDA).


Topics Covered

The interview dealt with my experience as a financial planner. It talked about how people should deal with debt, the personal finance mistakes people make, the direction of Indian stock markets, etc.


The questions

Here are the questions that were asked to me:

  • What led you to choose financial planning as a career? How has your journey been so far?
  • What can you tell us about dealing with debt other than the obvious – reduce credit card spending, etc.?
  • What is the one financial mistake nearly everyone makes?
  • What is one misconception about financial advisors you would want to refute?
  • How would you suggest a common investor ensure that their accounts are protected and not invested in dubious instruments?
  • What three books related to personal finance would you recommend every person read and why?
  • Do you think enough is being done to address the broader issue of financial literacy?
  • What is your take on current market situation? What are the key factors that will drive the stock markets in 2011? What is your advice to retail investors now?
  • Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?



Links to the interview

Do check out the interview – I am sure there would be something to learn!

MyIris: Procrastination is key to financial disaster: Raag Vamdatt (PDF)

FAAIDA: Procrastination is key to financial disaster: Raag Vamdatt (PDF)

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