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Interviewing Manish Chauhan from

Manish Chauhan writes about financial planning at Here’s his interview that I conducted through email.

If you have been reading about personal finance and financial planning on the internet, you probably know Manish Chauhan.

He is one of the few people who has been writing about financial planning for a long time (at, and is furthering the cause of the small investor – a cause that is very close to my heart as well.

Since both of us are working towards the same goal, I though I would interview him, and share it with you. So, here is the email interview.

Since when have you been writing about personal finance?

I have been writing on Personal Finance for more than 2 yrs now . I started in Dec 2007 . I like to call it Financial Planning rather than Personal Finance , because I write not only on Products and their reviews , but mostly on Psychology required for successful Financial Planning and what a common person lacks , How he perceives any Financial information and thinks about it .

What prompted you to start writing about personal finance?

I was aware very well that Most of the Indians lack the ability and interest to handle their Finances . India is a huge market , we dont lack in saving ability but we lack severely in the art of Investing and how to plan our Financial life . We dont plan things well and thats the worst part . I started writing one day and that was the start . I kept writing on different things, Readers came in appreciated and now we are strong community.

What keeps you motivated to keep writing every week?

Mainly I would say

  • My Passion for Financial Planning and the overall subject .
  • My readers who appreciate it and love my writing
  • Career opportunity

Can you suggest a couple of articles on your blog that people absolutely new to personal finance should read?

Some of the must reads are

Recently I wrote an Article which was read a lot and explains the current Situation and problems of Indians (Avoid bad english) Why it makes sense to Kill yourself If you dont do your Financial Planning

Articles are categorised at :

What is the one biggest mistake you see people making when it comes to personal finance?

I feel the biggest mistake people make is that They dont value its importance in their Life , They dont understand that Its extremely crucial in their life . I personally feel that by doing you Financial Planning , your success in your proffessional life , Personal Life becomes more valuable and easy because an important part of your life is taken care of and now you are free to take charge of other areas . Just imagine how great is a situation when you exactly know

  • How your Child Education is taken care of
  • How are you going to enjoy your life after retirement.
  • How you are going to manage all your Loans , Buying Car , going on vacations .

Financial Planning is all about “preparedness” .

And what would be the best way to not make such a mistake?

I would say this will happen when you develop some interest and try to learn about these things . Read some good blogs , magazines , Hire a Financial Planner and have your Financial Planning done , Its totally worth to pay your Financial Planner .

How can people utilize various personal finance / finance websites present in India?

Currently There are lot of websites which provide learning materials on Personal Finance , But Truly speaking , very few are providing quality content and just reading some of them is enough . People concentrate a lot of data , products , numbers .. They should rather concentrate on Psychology , Wisdom required for Good Financial Planning .

For Example , Concentrate on understanding that a Term Insurance is Important , once you understand this take a good term Insurance , but dont kill yourself in finding out the cheapest one . I am not saying you should not find the best policy , all I am saying is that its some thing for which people put more than required effort . Choose a good long performing mutual fund . Dont try to find the best one , because there is none .

Is there any specific service / tool you would like to recommend from any of these websites?

There are some good tools

What do you think is lacking in today’s personal finance websites? What can be done to improve them?

I think most of them are doing ok , but “Simplicity” is lacking . People want very very simple writing , they come to read and scan things , not concentrate a lot and try to understand . They need examples , tables , pictures etc to learn in a better way . That part is still lacking , Apart from that “Quality Content” is lacking .

The main aim has to be to “empower common people with knowledge” so that they can take their decisions themselves . I am not saying that they can do professional Financial Planning themselves , but they should be able to think in a right way .

Manish Chauhan

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