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What should be the term or duration of your life insurance policy?

Buying a life insurance policy is important. And apart from the sum insured, there are many other things that are important too. One of them is the tenor or duration of the policy. … [Read more...]

How should you withdraw your money from an equity mutual fund (MF)?

Is there is right way of taking out your money from the stock market? Is there a way to liquidate your equity MF investment which would help you maximize your gains? Yes, there is! Read on. … [Read more...]

5 things to do as soon as you get a job to secure a healthy financial future

There are certain things that you should do as soon as you start your career – things that would make your financial life simple going forward. Here is a list of the 5 most important things. … [Read more...]

A complete guide to your Credit Score, Credit Information Report (CIR) and CIBIL

You must have heard a lot about “credit report” and CIBIL lately. What are these? How do these impact your financial life? Read on to know more. … [Read more...]

Interest rates have risen – Should you break your old fixed deposit (FD) to get a higher interest rate?

The interest rates have risen in the past few months. Should you be breaking your old FDs and opening new FDs with higher rates? Is there any penalty involved? What should you do? Read on. … [Read more...]

Launch of MF Portfolio Analysis and ULIP Review Services, An E-Book, and Products and Services Store launches MF Portfolio Analysis Service, ULIP evaluation and review Service, an E-Book (Personal Finance for the Young Professional) and the Products and Services Store. Read on for more details. … [Read more...]

Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) – Avoid timing the market while selling and get regular payouts

Timing the market is a futile effort – both while buying mutual funds (Mfs) and selling. Here is how you can avoid timing the market while selling your units and gain from cost averaging. … [Read more...]

Senior Citizens and stock market – Why to invest, how to invest

This article looks at the importance of stock markets when it comes to investment by senior citizens. It explains why seniors should invest in stocks, how they can do this, and how much should they invest. … [Read more...]

RBI 8% Savings (Taxable) Bonds – Are they right for you?

This article explains the features of the RBI's 8% savings bonds (also referred to as “RBI Relief Bonds”), and discusses if you should be investing in them. … [Read more...]

Codicil: An alternative to writing a new will for minor changes

Do you know what is a Codicil? How it is related to a will? When it should be used? Read on... … [Read more...]