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JagoInvestor presents “Action Month”


My friend and fellow blogger Manish Chauhan is celebrating a 30-day long “Action Month” at his blog



Features of the action month

  • Dedicated to 100% pure action
  • Absolutely no selling of any product – focus is on pure action by you
  • A panel of experts helping you to get your basics in place
  • A lot of prizes to win
  • Receive an action gift kit (includes tools for life & health insurance, MFs, etc)


How does it work?

You just take a pledge to take action on one or more of the 5 most common pending tasks – that’s it! JagoInvestor would help you track your progress, and would also choose winners for different categories.


I believe this is a great initiative where you can take action along with many others – its like working out in a gym instead of doing it alone at home! So go for it – you can find all the details here.

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