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Launching India’s first Hindi website on Personal Finance and Financial Planning

I am delighted, and very proud to launch the Hindi version of “ – Financial Planning Demystified”, called “ – Aapka Paisa, Aapki Planning”. It is India’s first Hindi website on Personal Finance and Financial Planning.

[Note: The Hindi version has its own domain name now – it has moved to]


I am delighted, and very proud to launch the Hindi version of “ – Financial Planning Demystified” at

The Hindi website is called “ – Aapka Paisa, Aapki Planning

India’s first Hindi website on Personal Finance and Financial Planning – Aapka Paisa, Aapki Planning” is India’s (and therefore, world’s) first Hindi website on financial planning.

Unfortunately, till now there was no website in Hindi that comprehensively wrote about all matters related to personal finance and financial planning.

Yes, there are websites giving out business news, and there are websites focusing on stocks / equities. But there is no website dedicated to the personal finance space. – Aapka Paisa, Aapki Planning” is my humble attempt at filling this space and providing excellent quality content on financial planning to the Hindi speaking people.

It is my fond hope that you would like the Hindi version as much as you have liked the English version of

The Content

The Hindi version of would start with the following features:

  • Articles
  • Downloads (forms, sample spreadsheets, etc)
  • Polls

The functionality would be gradually scaled up, and more features would be added.


The articles that I write form the dominant portion of the English version of This is something of great interest to you, my readers. Therefore, articles would be the first to be offered in the Hindi version.

To begin with, all the articles from – except for news related articles – are being translated in Hindi, and would be published gradually in about 2 months time. (This would be a total of about 155 articles written in English over a period of 2 years)

Once this is done, all subsequent articles would be published in English and Hindi simultaneously, without any delay.


Downloads would be available to registered members of the Hindi website. (This registration is different from the registration for

Various spreadsheets used as examples in different articles would be available for download here.

Apart form this, various forms – like income tax return (ITR) forms, provident fund (PF) forms, post office scheme forms, etc. would also be available for download.

Wherever the forms are available in Hindi, I have put Hindi forms for download. If Hindi version of any form is not available, it would be available for download in English.


The Hindi version would run the same poll as the English version – but in Hindi.

The Translation

Please note that the translation of the articles has not been done using any software or tool (like Google translate). The articles have been hand-translated, so that the meaning of the article is well conveyed even in Hindi – in the same easy-to-understand manner that is famous for.

The translation has been done by Anumeha, and has been proof-read and edited by me.

Your feedback

Please visit the Hindi version of at “ – Aapka Paisa, Aapki Planning”, and let me know your opinion about it through your comments below.

Thank you for all your support, and hoping for the same for the Hindi version as well.

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