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If you are a blogger, there are two ways in which we can partner:

Guest Articles

If you are active in the personal finance niche or can write about topics related to personal finance, you are welcome to write guest posts for

If you have your own experiences to share from the personal finance angle, even better!

In the same way, I too would be glad to write guest articles or guest posts for your blog or website. These can revolve around income tax, investments, or any other area in personal finance.

PS: Please note that I may edit the guest article submitted by you so that it is in-line with the editorial quality and tone used on this website. I also reserve the right to return the article in case it doesn’t suit the needs of this website.

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Financial Intermediaries / Others

If you are a mutual fund (MF) agent / advisor, an insurance agent, a stock broker, a tax planner / advisor, an investment advisor, or have some other role in advising people about managing / investing their money, you already are dealing with an audience that trusts you with their financial decisions.

Why not introduce them to the personal finance products and services being offered by me?

Even if you are not in the business of advising people about their money, but deal with people who trust your judgment, you can refer them to my products and services.

Of course, I would be happy to pay you a referral fee for each person you refer.

If this interests you, please have a look at “Become a Partner / Affiliate” for more details.