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Financial Planning Services

My Financial Plan

“My Financial Plan” is a comprehensive financial planning service from that aims to look after your long term financial well being. It looks at your financial health in a strategic way. The idea is to plan for important life events in advance, so that you can meet their financial demands comfortably.

“My Financial Plan” provides you a well planned path that you can follow for making your investments, so that you can achieve all your financial goals easily. It includes not just your investments, but also your insurance needs, your asset allocation and your net worth apart from many other things. It looks at your present finances, and also considers the likely changes in your finances.

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Income Tax Formula - Comprehensive Income Tax Training

“Income Tax Formula” is a comprehensive, multimedia training that covers all aspects of personal income tax.

It covers  introduction to the Income Tax process, detailed discussion of the avenues to save income tax, guidance on where to invest and where NOT to invest so that you save the maximum tax AND get the maximum returns, filing the income tax return (ITR) and capital gains tax.

It provides completely unbiased advice, and tells you what is right for YOU.

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E Book - Personal Finance For The Young Professional

The field of personal finance is vast, and it can take years to get acquainted with its various aspects. So, what should a young professional do? Take years to learn the basics of personal finance before starting to take financial decisions? Wouldn’t that be too late?

Wouldn’t it help if there is a crash-course in personal finance that would give you a head start in the field of personal finance? Of course, it would. And that’s exactly what this e-book is!

Here is an e-book that introduces you to all the critical aspects of personal finance, so that you can start taking smart financial decisions NOW. It has everything that a young adult would need to get started immediately!

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Portfolio Analysis Services

MF Portfolio Analysis

You need to do an analysis of your MF portfolio periodically, so that you can remove non-performers from your portfolio and replace them with winning MF schemes. This way, you can get more out of your hard earned money!

This service offers analysis of your current Mutual Fund (MF) portfolio.

You get accurate buy / hold / sell recommendations for the MF schemes you hold based on their market performance and potential performance, and get names of MF schemes you should be investing in if the recommendation for any of your schemes is “sell”.

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Insurance Analysis Services

Review of Existing ULIP

Are you wondering whether the ULIP you have purchased is good or not? Did you purchase a ULIP in haste, just to save income tax (IT)?

Wouldn’t you like to get an honest and independent evaluation of the ULIPs you have instead of blindly giving your premium cheques year after year?

Here is a service that would analyze the ULIP policy you have, and tell you whether you should continue with it or not.

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Review Before New ULIP Purchase

Purchase of a Unit Linked Insurance Plan or Policy (ULIP) usually means shelling out a large premium – not once, but year after year. Also, canceling a ULIP and getting out of it is very costly.

Wouldn’t you like to get an honest and independent evaluation of the ULIP policy / policies you are considering before you give that cheque?

Here is a service that analyzes the ULIP policy you are considering, and tells you how good it is.

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