WARNING: You can lose 1000's of Rupees if you do not fully understand the principles of Income Tax. But you can save 1000's if you do! Do not make the mistake of planning your taxes without reading this page.

Income Tax Formula

Your Guide to Understanding Income Tax and Maximizing Tax Savings

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What Do You Want To Do This Tax Season?
  • Do you want to save the maximum possible income tax and increase your in-hand salary?
  • Do you want to discover the best avenues to invest so that you not only save income tax but also earn great returns?
  • Do you want to understand the basics of income tax – how the tax is calculated, what is TDS, how to pay self assessment tax, which income tax return (ITR) form to use, and more – so that you can keep saving income tax year after year?
  • Do you want all this in an easy to understand, jargon-free form?

If this describes you, the “Income Tax Formula” is what you need!

“This product gives a step by step guidance, starting from basic concepts & terminologies to different tax saving avenues, knowledge about where to invest according to you time horizon, filing of ITR & various capital gains & their tax treatments.

For a laymen, this is a very good product to understand various aspects of income tax & accordingly take right decisions.”

Suresh Sharma, Buyer of the Income Tax Formula



What Does The “Income Tax Formula” Offer?

Income Tax Formula” is a comprehensive, multimedia training that covers all aspects of personal income tax. It covers the following:

  • Introduction to the Income Tax process – How is income tax calculated on your income, the prevailing income tax slabs, and more
  • Avenues to save income tax – ALL the avenues that you can use to make your income tax payment as low as possible
  • Where to invest and where NOT to invest – You get to know the EXACT instruments in which you should invest so that you save the maximum tax AND get the maximum returns
  • Filing the income tax return (ITR) – Which ITR form to use, what happens if you file the ITR late, and more
  • BONUS: Capital gains tax – What it is, how it is taxed, and how you can save capital gains tax
  • Completely unbiased advice because I am on your side – I do not earn any commissions from the investments you make, so unlike agents, I tell you what is right for YOU

If you have read even a couple of articles on my site, you would know how helpful and jargon-free they are. The ”Income Tax Formula” is a paid product, and I have taken every effort to make it worth a lot more than it costs – it is jam packed with income tax related information that has never been presented in such an easy to understand manner.


“Personally, I have not seen a comprehensive Internet based multimedia / video primer on income tax before this, so this is a very welcome move to teach investors about basics…

…The video is of high quality and Raag’s commentary in the background is at the right pace. The flow of the video is very smooth and indeed well done.”

Radhey Sharma, CFP, TheWealthWisher.com


What Do You Get When You Enroll For The “Income Tax Formula”?

When you buy the “Income Tax Formula“, you get the following components:

Income Tax Formula


“I am currently working in Singapore and purchased Income Tax Formula to guide my parents in India regarding Indian IT issues. The material is interesting, easy to grasp and highly useful.

I recommend every Indian IT assessee to purchase Income Tax Formula, and go through it more than once. Thanks to Raag Vamdatt for compiling such an excellent material”

Venu Velpuri, Buyer of the Income Tax Formula


How much does the “Income Tax Formula” cost?

Remember – by undergoing this comprehensive training, it is not just the income tax that you would be saving.

Once you go through this training, you would know the investments that provide tax savings AND provide high return. Therefore, you would stop making stupid tax-saving investments that provide low returns for years.

This way, you would save 1000s of Rupees in income tax every year AND earn Lakhs of extra Rupees due to increased returns from your tax saving investments!

So what do you think should be the price for this training that is going to put tens of 1000s of Rupees in your pocket?

Shouldn’t it at least be a few thousand Rupees?

Rs. 5,000?

Rs. 3,000?

No! I want this training to be affordable to EVERYONE, and I want everyone to save the maximum tax. Therefore, the price of this training is only Rs. 1,999.

REMEMBER: For something that is going to make 1000s of Rupees for you, this small investment would pay for itself many times over. Also, this is a completely risk-free purchase – you can read the details of the money back guarantee below.
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I am confident that the content of the “Income Tax Formula’ would simply blow you away. It would help you understand the income tax principles better, and would help you save 1000s of Rupees over time.

However, if by any chance you are not happy with your purchase, I would be happy to fully refund your money – no questions asked. Yes, I am that confident about the “Income Tax Formula”. So go ahead and purchase the “Income Tax Formula” - you have nothing to lose!

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“Income Tax Formula – what a great product! I never knew that one can save maximum tax in each section of the income tax act…

This product gave me the complete detail of all the sections, and also guided me on how and how much tax can be saved.”

Manish Motwani, User of the Income Tax Formula