ULIP Evaluation

Review of Your Existing ULIP

Don't continue paying huge premiums for a ULIP that provides pathetically low returns - get your ULIP evaluated now!

Review of Existing ULIP

Why do you need this service?
  • Do you currently have a ULIP, and are wondering whether to continue it or not?
  • Did an insurance agent sell you a ULIP based on some promises, and now you are reconsidering you decision?
  • Are you wondering whether the ULIP you have purchased is good or not?
  • Did you purchase a ULIP in haste, just to save income tax (IT)?
If the answer to any of these questions is a “yes”, this service is meant just for you!


ULIPs – Huge Costs Involved

Purchase of a Unit Linked Insurance Plan or Policy (ULIP) usually means shelling out a large premium – not once, but year after year.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are investing in the right policy – a policy that would give you good returns on your investment.

And if you have bought a bad ULIP by mistake, it is better to discontinue a bad policy than to pay many more premiums just because you have already paid some premiums! That way, you would at least be protecting future losses.

You would not want to continue paying 1000′s of rupees as premium every year for a not-so-good ULIP, would you?


Get Your ULIP Evaluated by an Expert

Wouldn’t you like to get an honest and independent evaluation of the ULIPs you have instead of blindly giving your premium cheques year after year?

Here is a service that would analyze the ULIP policy you have, and tell you whether you should continue with it or not. If you have multiple ULIPs, avail of this service for all of them and get a handsome discount.


“Wow! good analysis. I’m yet another victim of a pestering agent who drove me for a ULIP, and without knowing, I’ve been shedding money every month.

This analysis gave me good insight, and final recommendation was decisive. Thanks Raag!”

Vignesh Eswara Prasad


The Process
Once you purchase this service, I would contact you through email, and get the ULIP details from you. Once I have the details, I would do the analysis and provide the report to you.


How much does this service cost?

The price for the ULIP evaluation service starts at just Rs. 1,399 per ULIP.

However, there is a quantity discount – the more ULIPs you get evaluated by me, the more is the discount! Here are the details:

  • Buy 1 at Rs. 1,999 only.
  • Buy 2, get 10% off (only Rs. 1,799 per ULIP)
  • Buy 3, get 20% off (only Rs. 1,599 per ULIP)
  • Buy 4 or more, get 30% off (only Rs. 1,399 per ULIP)


REMEMBER: Its better to find out whether your ULIP is good or not instead of blindly continuing to pay the premiums. This small investment would pay for itself many times over in terms of saved premiums, better returns and peace of mind. So don’t hesitate – buy the “ULIP Evaluation” service now!