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It's TOTALLY FREE! completes two years completes two years of its existence today


With your encouragement and support, completes two years of its existence today. The very first article on this website – Goal Based Investing – was written exactly 2 years ago on 25th of November 2007.

I’m sure this is just a small milestone considering the long journey ahead, but it is nevertheless an important milestone at this stage. Let me list a few important things that we have done together in this past one year:

The number of registered users crosses 8000 now has more than 8000 registered users. This number stood at 2600 exactly one year back – over 5400 users have registered themselves in this past year alone!

India’s first Hindi website on personal finance launched

India’s first Hindi website on personal finance – Aapka Paisa, Aapki Planning – was launched about a month back, and has received very good reviews and coverage. This website is currently in its initial stages, but would be at-par with this English version in about two months’ time.

Website URL:

You can read more about at: Launching India’s first Hindi website on Personal Finance and Financial Planning

Web-based financial planning service launched: My Financial Plan

The financial planning service of – My Financial Plan – was launched towards the end of June 2009. This service has received a very positive response, and has attracted many clients from all over India. In fact, it also has NRI clients from Dubai, Singapore and UK!

If you’re serious about your financial health, I strongly recommend that you avail the service. You can find all the details about this service at My Financial Plan (

You can read more about this at: launches financial planning service in India – “My Financial Plan”

Getting featured in Mumbai Mirror

The website got reviewed by Mumbai Mirror, a very popular mainstream newspaper. It got a very good rating of 4/5. The one thing that pulled rating down was a small issue with site navigation, which was promptly corrected after the review.

You can read more about this at: gets featured in Mumbai Mirror – getting a very positive review

Redesign and relaunch of with improved functionality got a fresh new look in June 2009. Apart from the better looks, there were many under-the-hood changes that improved the functionality and the overall user experience at the website.

You can read more about this at: – Redesigned, upgraded and relaunched

Launching the mobile version of

Now there is a mobile phone enabled version of that you can access from your cell phone even when you are on the move. You can check it out at:

You can read more about this at: launches mobile enabled site – Now, view the website on you cell phone

Articles published in Dignity Dialogue

The article from this website are now getting republished in Dignity Dialogue, a magazine meant for senior citizens.

You can read more about this at: Articles from published in Dignity Dialogue

Interview published at

I was interviewed by Ranjan Varma, who has been blogging about personal finance for a long time.

You can read more about this at: Interview published at

Website down for 10 days

Due to some technical problem, this website was non-functional for about 10 days in August 2009. But after it started functioning again, it soon regained its popularity – thanks to your support!

Your feedback

This is a short list describing what happened in the past one year at this website.

But what do you think about the website? How has your experience been? What were the things that you liked and disliked? What would you like to see on this website going forward?

Please let me know through your comments below.

The road ahead

As I mentioned earlier, there is a long journey ahead. I have planned many new features, products and services from

Stay tuned!

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