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I would like to thank you for your service to the Indian community through disperal of the knowledge which was here-say available to Rich or cam down by family only.
H S Rao

Great example. I didn't know such small saving can become huge savings. Thank you. Much appreciated.

I have surfed, several websites which just provides jsut a high level information on Investing.Each of the article on investing is very interesting and it provides an insight on the investing avenues around us.Thanks on sharing this knowledge to the people.

really explained everything in detail.... all my confusion got cleared... thanx

This is the art which u possess......complicate terminolory in simple article ever in ADR / GDR

Hi Raag,I was a naive during my intial days of employment.I always thought can someone explain the terms of financial world.I have been following this site, although silently, from the last two years and found it of great help. I can now proudly explain or discuss about investing. I felt great after reading this article.You are helping all of us in many ways than few.I appreciate few people here who complained about the depth in this article.To all those, articles in this site are of fantabulous help for us as we are from IT background. This guy here is helping us invest and reap benefits later.he is helping us individually and helping India indirectly.Thanks again Raag for your valuable effort in putting all this information.

I want to thank you for creating such a wonderful site having wide range of articles related to investments. The good part of it is, the articles are designed to understand a layman; no fancy words, no clutters. I feel unfortunate for being alienated from such a wonderful creation till now ;) I wish you all the success in your future endeavors’.

Your site has been extremely informative especially for those of us who are abroad. Thanks and keep up the great work. It is much appreciated.

I read your article on issues related to Income from House property. Your views and clarifications are very nice. You have discussed in lucid way.

Good to see your valuable advise on financial queries. Thanks.

Let me thank you for your wonderful effort of creating this website on financial planning. I have recommended to many of my friends about this site because of the simple manner in which you explain the things.Understanding Financial planning has never been so simple for many..........
Man Jaiswal

This is a gr8 website. I come across to this site while I was searching for home loan interest related stuff on net. really useful and gr8 articles on no of subjects.. Good work sir, I am a finance professional but i have never read before such interesting articles!

Thanx to make me understand the term in such a simple terminology.

This are very well explained and laid out. Simply fantastic :)

Hello sir- I was looking for a site like this for some time. I am glad that I found it.

I am new on this site and I feel confident by looking at the responses that you have given.

Thanks for posting an excellent article, one which clears most of the doubts regarding the tax liabilities, especially the confusing maze of tax rebate from house property.

thanks !!!!!!!!!!for this lucrative informationit is of great help for me........

hello. i must say this is about the most informative webpage on PF related issues i've come across yet.

I think you are doing a brilliant job with providing all this valuable information. Thanks and keep it up.

I am really impressed by this site. Good content ,Good study material and helpful in improving knowledge base.

I was just going through your site, its really amazing

Fantastic article on PPF. Very informative and clear !!

Really nice and descriptive article on Tax rebate on Home Loan.

Foremost, this is one of the most informative site I have come across relating to financial planning. Keep up the stupendous work.

Your service is excellent. Apt & prompt replies to queries. This would serve lot of purposes.

Excellent site, for me like freshers.

Some very nice articles published here. Very well wrtitten.

Beautifully explained. There might be no other better way to explain this. Thanks a ton!

Dear Raag, this is one of the best sites i have been visiting for past more than one year. You served us with many best informative articles in a easy to understand manner. Now working full time certainely we will get much more inputs, All the best,God bless Thanks

Thanks a ton - your response time is amazing !!I am very pleased & would definitely promote your site.Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Thanks for the wonderful info, please write more

This is an excellent article and the Q&A is adding a lot of value for us.

Your site has a lot of useful and detailed information regarding income tax and financial planning.

RESPECT FOR RAAG! Use of any word is less in your appreciation. Very very informative, comprehensive and no-nonsense literature. Can't wait to read other articles. Keep writing and enlightening!

Really nice site and tons of useful information. I have just came across it will need more time to go through your previous post. congratulations for all the hard work.

Thanq. Very useful and eternally knowledeable.

I read details about STCG / LTCG and found then very useful. This is an excellent website...keep up the good work.

Awesome site. Thanks thanks thanks, for expalining so clearly and sharing so much of data. I was having so many queries on homeloans and tax claims. I got answers for all my queries.

ADR & GDR: all the points have been covered in this article. this is the best explanation of this topic

I would like to congratulate for providing great informations in very simple words. Never seen such a useful site like this.

I am really impressed with your uptodate answers on queries. It helped me to clear all my basic doubts. Honestly speaking your answers are really helpful and clearing my doubts.

a big Thank You for answering every one's query in detail and leading an initiative to educate people in one of the most complex aspect of an idividual in day to day life.

I find Your comments and answers very useful. Thank you for the same.

Its really very gud to see your efforts in educating the ppl about tax....

I went thruogh your profile, its amazing you are doing all this as a hobby, really great, there are very few people who does this kind of community service, you are surely one of them, great and keep it up.

A simply superb site. Simple language without legal language - understandable by all.I am recommending this site to my collegues.
B S Murthy

Impressive Resume and an equally impressive quality of advices and help being rendered to people especially the beginners" like me."

I m really impressed with the replies you give as well as the manner in which you convey.

I come to know this website when i am searching information for tax deduction under section 80 DD,and i got all information regarding this on Then i read most of the articles of Raag sir, also read that Raag sir was also providing financial planing services,i was excited because this is completely web based service and there is no need to meet the financial planner.I read all information given on website in My Financial Plan and decided to avail the service.It took around one month to prepare my final draft,after reading the final draft i am very much satisfied because all the areas like my insurance cover,health insurance,asset allocation,goals and action plan for me were very nicely and in detail analyzed by Raag sir.If i follow this financial plan then i definitely achieve my financial goals.I am very much satisfied with plan and i definitely suggest my friends and relatives to avail these services.