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Want to own a company? Buy stock!

This article discusses why share holders should think and act like owners of companies. It also describes how buying stocks means an ownership interest in a company. … [Read more...]

To float or not to float, that is the question!

This article discusses the pros and cons of floating and fixed interest rates for home loans, and helps you choose between the two. … [Read more...]

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) – A rupee a day, keeps worries away

This article describes how cost averaging can be achieved using MF SIPs. It also talks about the benefits of SIPs against cost averaging in stocks. … [Read more...]

Need more reasons to start saving early?

This article stresses the importance of starting to save early in your life, and tells you why it is not so difficult. … [Read more...]

Cost Averaging

This article emphasizes the multiple benefits of cost averaging, and describes how to practice it. … [Read more...]

Start saving early and gain from Compounding – Early bird gets the worm

This article emphasizes the importance of starting to save early in ones life. It also talks about the positive impact of compounding. … [Read more...]

Saving enough is not enough – Effect of Inflation on Savings

This article talks about the time value of money and discusses the impact of inflation on savings. … [Read more...]

Your Personal Net Worth – Importance & Calculation

 This article talks about the importance of finding your net worth, and explains how it should be calculated. … [Read more...]

An introduction to home loans and factors to consider

This article is an introduction to home loans - it talks about fixed and floating rates, admin and processing fees, tenure, down payment, prepayments and prepayment penalty, foreclosures, etc. … [Read more...]

Mutual Funds – Growth or Dividend option?

This article talks about various options available to Mutual Fund (MF) investors - Growth, Dividend and Dividend Reinvestment. It guides readers about which option is most suitable for them. … [Read more...]