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Property Transactions To Become More Transparent – The Real Estate Bill and Realty Regulator

The government is in the process of finalizing a new legislation, The Real Estate Bill, which would deal with the issues faced by consumers in the property market.The provisions of this bill are still being finalized, and it is expected to be presented to the parliament for passing in the budget … [Read more...]

Tips for Improving Your Chances of Finding a Home Loan

The thought of buying a new house without enough funds will make you think of the only possible option - “Home Loan” or “Mortgage Loan”.However, before reaching a bank, a home loan broker or other lender for a home loan, you should know a few things.  Affordable Amount Before going … [Read more...]

9 Tips on Figuring the Saving And Investment Needed to Fund Your Retirement

The primary reason why people are unable to properly plan for their retirement is that they do not see it as an immediate problem.Without realizing what is needed to fund their retirement, they face many problems when they come close to it.Here are the top 10 tips for figuring the savings … [Read more...]

Debt Collection or Debt Recovery – Where are We headed?

We take loans for almost everything - a house, a car, a computer or laptop, an LCD TV, a foreign vacation, and a lot more.We have every intention of repaying that loan, but there are times when we just can't - due to things like loss of income or unexpected expenses, there are times when we stop … [Read more...]

Need for Financial Planning – Why You Must Have a Financial Plan

Dreams can always become a part of your reality with proper planning.Every family creates its own budget highlighting savings. We often witness people getting the same salary enjoying different lifestyles and giving priorities to different needs. It is the way we plan today that will define our … [Read more...]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Buying Health Insurance In India

With increase in lifestyle based ailments, and skyrocketing healthcare inflation in India, no one can deny the importance of buying an independent Health Insurance as a part of a sound financial plan.Working for a specialist health insurance services company in India (, we are … [Read more...]

6 Basic Financial Things a USA Based NRI Should Keep in Mind

There some essential financial information a fresh NRI relocated to USA should always keep in mind.Even long-time NRI residents in the US sometimes feel insecure regarding various complex legal and tax rules one needs to abide by in the United States.So, in both the cases, you must have some … [Read more...]

Your Income Tax and Tax Saving Investment Related Questions Answered

Hi all,It was a pleasure to talk to you on my Facebook page yesterday, and answer your income tax and tax saving investment related questions.I am glad that I could be of help, and we would definitely have more such sessions before the end of the investment season.  A background … [Read more...]

Private Banking Stocks May See Renewed Interest

According to the latest trade reports, a buoyant and renewed interest is being seen in banking stocks, having faced a period of exile and disinterest for quiet sometime.However, trade analysts at Kotak Securities are being more bullish towards private sector banks, with only a selective interest … [Read more...]

Announcing “Income Tax Formula” – Plus a Chance to Win Prizes Worth Over Rs. 10,000

As most of the regular readers would know, I have been helping my readers with their personal finance related issues since 2007.In all these years, many of the queries have been about tax saving investments - especially from young people who have just joined the workforce and have started making … [Read more...]