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Client Feedback

- 100% of my clients would recommend "My Financial Plan" service to their friends and family

- 100% of my clients say the
financial planning exercise is comprehensive

- 100% of my clients think the financial plan would help them plan their finances well and achieve their financial goals

- 100% of my clients think the
financial plan is practically implementable

- 80% of my clients did not
feel the need to talk to me over the phone during the financial planning exercise

- 70% of my clients
rated their overall experience with "My Financial Plan" as "excellent", 30% as "very good"

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Why should you get your financial planning done using "My Financial Plan"?

You are convinced that you need to have a financial planner. (Check out “Why do you need a financial planner?” for more).

So, why choose me as your financial planner? Here's why:

(Also check out "Client Testimonials" to see what other clients have to say about their experience)

"My Financial Plan"
Other financial planning services
Comprehensive financial planning
Specific suggestions for instruments and MF schemes to invest in (actual names)
Included Usually charged extra
Retiring credit card debt Included Usually charged extra
Life insurance analysis Included Usually charged extra
Retirement planning Included Usually charged extra
Asset allocation analysis Included Included
Cash flow analysis Included Included
Net worth calculation Included Included
Emergency fund calculation Included Usually charged extra
Health insurance analysis Included Included

Demonstrated eagerness to help

Through, I have been helping people with their financial difficulties since 2007. I have been willing to listen to people's issues, and have been providing solutions that work.

My Financial Plan” is just an extension of the same desire to help people lead a financially healthy life. Through this service, I would be able to better focus on people who are proactive about achieving their financial goals.

Well Qualified

I have an MBA in Finance (Mumbai University) from NMIMS, one of the premier management institutes in India. This means I am very well trained in aspects related to personal finance.

I also have over 10 years of experience of providing financial advise to my family, my friends and my readers at

Personalized Service

There is nothing automatic about "My Financial Plan" - it is a very personalized service where I would personally analyze your details and prepare a financial plan for your unique situation.

Your best interest at heart

I would always have your best interest in mind.

The only money I earn from helping you is the fee that you pay me. I would not direct you towards any particular mutual fund or insurance agent – I would not get any cut from the commission that they earn from your business.

Therefore, I would never recommend something that is good for me (that is, gives me a better cut!). I would always recommend the products that are best for you. I would always have your best interest in mind.

Experience and understanding of personal finance

I have been advising people about investments, insurance, financial products, investment strategies, etc for a long time.

I understand these areas of personal finance well, and I am well positioned to look at your financial needs holistically.

Educating you

I would not just prepare a financial plan for you to follow – I would also educate you about the reasons behind it so that you understand why you are expected to do something.

I would strive to inculcate good financial habits into you, so that you yourself can start taking the right financial decisions without much help.

I have always aimed to do this at, and you can rest assured that I would continue to do this with “My Financial Plan”.

Security and Privacy

Please rest assured that all your personal data is safe. It is accessible only to you, and no other user.

However, your data is only as secure as your password. The data is stored using your login, so it can be retrieved or changed only if someone knows your user name and password. Therefore, please ensure that you create a strong password, and do not share it with anyone.

Environmentally Friendly

"My Financial Plan" is a green service - it is completely paperless. It is a fully web-based (online) service, which means there is no wastage of paper - it saves our forests, it saves our environment.

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