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Client Feedback

- 100% of my clients would recommend "My Financial Plan" service to their friends and family

- 100% of my clients say the
financial planning exercise is comprehensive

- 100% of my clients think the financial plan would help them plan their finances well and achieve their financial goals

- 100% of my clients think the
financial plan is practically implementable

- 80% of my clients did not
feel the need to talk to me over the phone during the financial planning exercise

- 70% of my clients
rated their overall experience with "My Financial Plan" as "excellent", 30% as "very good"

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Why do you need a financial planner?

There are some basic questions about financial planning that keep getting asked time and again:

  • Why do I need a financial planner?
  • Why do I need someone else to plan my finances?
  • I know enough about financial products. Can't I do it on my own – why should I pay someone for this?

Well, its natural that you have these questions. But it is important to entrust your financial planning to a professional. Here are the reasons.

Understanding of the various aspects of personal finance that need to be planned

A financial planner is a professional who would look at your finances holistically. Unlike insurance agents or mutual fund distributors, he would not focus on just one or two areas of your finances.

He would analyze:

  • Your income and expenditure
  • Your saving habits
  • Your risk profile
  • Your assets and liabilities
  • Your asset allocations
  • Your insurance needs
  • Your contingency fund requirements
  • Your financial goals

After studying these, he would create a blueprint – your financial plan – for you to lead a life with solid financial health. The only thing that remains for you is to follow the plan!

Up-to-date knowledge of financial products

A financial planner would have good knowledge of the financial products available in the Indian market. This includes not just plain-vanilla investment products, but also complex quasi-investment products (ULIPs, for example).

The planner would also have knowledge about various insurance products, and would know their pros and cons.

Based on this knowledge, he would be able to recommend products that are suitable for your unique situation – after all, your financial needs would be different from some other person, and the same product can't be good for everyone!

Also, since a financial planner helps people every day with their financial needs, he would be most up-to-date with the financial products offered in the Indian market.


The financial planner would be dealing with the financial situations of many people. This gives him diverse experience to deal with your unique situation.

It is like going to a specialist doctor – the diverse experience in her field of specialization gives her the right authority to look at your situation.

No bias

Your financial planner would be a completely external entity. He would be someone looking at your finances from a unique angle – without any judging, and without any bias.

A friend, a family member or you yourself can never do this objectively.

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