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Insuring your house – Home Insurance

This article emphasizes the importance of insuring your house, and talks about different types of house insurance. … [Read more...]

Understanding Credit Cards – The Basics

Do you get calls from telemarketers, offering you pre-approved credit cards? Aren’t you bombarded with many credit card offers?Not familiar with credit cards, and want to know how they work? Want to understand the various terms used while dealing with credit cards? Read on. … [Read more...]

Can you time the market?

This article talks about the efficient market hypothesis, and its implications on an individual's investment strategy. … [Read more...]

Evolution of money

This article describes the evolution of money from he barter system, to the coins system, and to the current currency notes system. … [Read more...]

Ratio Analysis – PE, PEG, RoE, RoCE, RoNW, debt equity, etc

This article defines various ratios used during fundamental analysis, like PE, PEG, RoE, RoCE, RoNW, debt equity, etc. … [Read more...]

Are you an investor or a trader?

This article makes a distinction between investors and traders. It defines each investment style, with their advantages and disadvantages. … [Read more...]

Irrational Markets

This article talks about the irrational behaviour of stock markets that sometimes becomes a characteristic during volatile phases. It also gives tips on how these phases can be navigated profitably. … [Read more...]

Asset Allocation

This article describes asset allocation, and its correlation with age and other factors. … [Read more...]

United we stand – Mutual Funds (MFs)

This is an introduction to mutual funds - it talks about mutual fund types, players, loads, NFOs, SIPs, and investment strategies for MFs. … [Read more...]