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Provisions for clubbing of income for Income Tax – And how to use them to your benefit

Did you know that some other peoples' income can be included with your income for the calculation of income tax? But there are ways of avoiding it. Read on! … [Read more...]

Are you salaried? You might not need to file an income tax return (ITR)

If you are salaried, you are no more required to file an IT return – provided you meet some conditions. Read on for more details. … [Read more...]

7 things to do NOW to avoid problems in filling and filing your Income Tax Return (ITR) form

Here is a list of things you should do right now in order to avoid any issues while filing your Income Tax Return (ITR). … [Read more...]

What is a Permanent Account Number (PAN), who needs it and how to get it

This article explains the PAN number in detail, and explains how to get a PAN card. It also talks about who needs it – resident Indians, NRIs, etc. … [Read more...]

Document Identification Number (DIN) from the Income Tax (IT) department – One more number to deal with!

The Income Tax (IT) department has come up with one more number after the PAN – Document Identification Number, or DIN. Let's find out what it is, how to obtain it, how to use it, and whether it would create more hassles for you. … [Read more...]

Direct Tax Code (DTC) – A Complete Guide

This article explains the Direct Tax Code (DTC) in detail, and analyses its implications for you. Basically, its a comprehensive guide to the Direct Tax Code (DTC) – read on! … [Read more...]

Lock in for Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) units purchased through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

This article talks about the lock-in period for ELSS MF units that have been bought using SIPs. … [Read more...]

Reminder: File your income tax return (ITR) on time with an exclusive discount

With the coupon code RVTAX, get a 15% discount on online income tax return preparation and filing service from … [Read more...]

Earning from Blogging and Income Tax (IT) – Part time blogging, Google AdSense, PayPal and more

Many bloggers have questions about income tax on the income they generate from their blogs – whether its full time or part time. The confusion is compounded due to foreign sources of income like Google AdSense and PayPal. Here are some common queries and their answers. … [Read more...]

eLagaan’s income tax return preparation and related services – Exclusive discount for you

eLagaan is offering an exclusive discount for the readers of for its various income tax related services. Read on for more details. … [Read more...]