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Higher Provident Fund (PF) Deduction from Your Salary

The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has come up with a fresh idea: more money should be deducted from your salary for Provident Fund (PF).They have announced this via a circular dated 30 November, 2012. Read on to get the full details, and how it impacts you.  Provident … [Read more...]

9 Tips on Figuring the Saving And Investment Needed to Fund Your Retirement

The primary reason why people are unable to properly plan for their retirement is that they do not see it as an immediate problem.Without realizing what is needed to fund their retirement, they face many problems when they come close to it.Here are the top 10 tips for figuring the savings … [Read more...]

Need for Financial Planning – Why You Must Have a Financial Plan

Dreams can always become a part of your reality with proper planning.Every family creates its own budget highlighting savings. We often witness people getting the same salary enjoying different lifestyles and giving priorities to different needs. It is the way we plan today that will define our … [Read more...]

What “Kolaveri Di” Song Teaches You About Personal Finance

Unless you have been hibernating for a few months, there is no way you have not heard about the song "Kolaveri Di".It is a song from an upcoming Tamil film, and the lyrics are in Tamil and English.The song is HUGELY popular - not only in Tamilnadu, not only in Southern India, not only in … [Read more...]

Retirement Planning – How Much Should You Save To Build Your Retirement Corpus?

We see a lot of advise floating around when it comes to retirement planning.Many experts advise to save a fixed percentage of your salary every month in order to build your retirement corpus - the advise usually ranges from 5% to 20%.But is this approach of having a ball park percentage … [Read more...]

Positive Changes For Small Saving Schemes and Public Provident Fund (PPF) – What It Means For You

The Government had recently announced many small changes that should bring cheer to you!This includes changes in Post Office Savings Accounts, Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (PO MIS), and Public Provident Fund (PPF).Following are the details and their implications for … [Read more...]

By popular demand: 20% off on financial planning service – Till 10th Oct ONLY

Hello,I have recently revised the price of the "My Financial Plan" service to Rs. 7,999, effective 1st Oct.Even at this new price, this personalized financial planning service provides tremendous value because it remains cheaper than most other financial planning services available – while … [Read more...]

4 days left to get my financial planning service really cheap – Price of the “My Financial Plan” service is increasing

Hello,As you would be aware, apart from writing articles here, I also offer personalized financial planning service as a financial planner.I analyze your income and expenses, life and health insurance, asset allocation, net worth, etc.I also ask for details of your various financial … [Read more...]

Control your spending: Consider the “number of hours you have to work for it” before buying an item

While reading about saving and frugality, I recently came across a concept that I found really interesting and worth exploring further. You might see more articles about it in the future, but let's first understand the concept in detail. … [Read more...]

Interest rates are increasing – Should you open fixed deposits now to lock into higher rates?

The interest rates cycle has almost peaked. Is it the right time to lock into the high interest rates by opening fixed deposits (FDs) for a long term? … [Read more...]