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Advantages and disadvantages of home loan in joint names

A home loan can be taken in your individual capacity – in your single name. Or it can be taken in joint names, usually along with your spouse.There are pros and cons of doing this. Read on. … [Read more...]

Change in interest rate: Impact on floating rate home loan, EMI and tenure

The interest rates have been very volatile in the last few years. A couple of years back, the rates were going down. And they have been moving up for some years now.What effect does a rate change have on a floating rate home loan (or mortgage)? Does it change the amount of the EMI? Does it alter … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Car Loan / Auto Loan / Vehicle Finance

This article introduces you to various automobile finance options available. It also talks about the factors to be considered while availing a car / auto loan. (Inspired by a query from user: ketankhatu) … [Read more...]

Income Tax (IT) Benefits of a Home Loan / Housing Loan / Mortgage

Many of us have taken home loans / mortgages to buy our house. And one of the most important motivators for going in for a housing loan is the Income Tax (IT) benefits that it entails. This article explains in detail how a home loan saves you Income Tax. … [Read more...]

To float or not to float, that is the question!

This article discusses the pros and cons of floating and fixed interest rates for home loans, and helps you choose between the two. … [Read more...]

An introduction to home loans and factors to consider

This article is an introduction to home loans - it talks about fixed and floating rates, admin and processing fees, tenure, down payment, prepayments and prepayment penalty, foreclosures, etc. … [Read more...]

Understanding Credit Cards – The Basics

Do you get calls from telemarketers, offering you pre-approved credit cards? Aren’t you bombarded with many credit card offers?Not familiar with credit cards, and want to know how they work? Want to understand the various terms used while dealing with credit cards? Read on. … [Read more...]