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What is American Depository Receipt (ADR) and Global Depository Receipt (GDR)?

This article explains what ADRs and GDRs are, and how they can be used by Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and non-Indians for making investments in India. … [Read more...]

Dividend Yield – A better alternative to FDs

This article describes how the strategy of Dividend Yield can be used to generate regular income, and get capital gains as a bonus! … [Read more...]

Don’t blow away a windfall – Smart ways to spend your bonus and arrears

This article explains how money received out of turn - bonus, arrears, etc - should be utilized prudently to improve your financial health. … [Read more...]

When you aren’t around – Succession Planning – Will and Nomination

This article gives an introduction to succession planning - it talks about the importance of nomination, and describes the process of making a Will. … [Read more...]

After e-Stocks, now its time for e-Gold – Gold ETFs

This article gives an introduction to Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). … [Read more...]

Get the glitter – How to buy gold

This article talks about various options available to buy gold, and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. … [Read more...]

Evolution of money

This article describes the evolution of money from he barter system, to the coins system, and to the current currency notes system. … [Read more...]