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Technical Analysis Techniques – Charts, MACD, RSI, CCI & More

As defined on Wikipedia, technical analysis is a security analysis discipline used for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.This discipline has been enriched by many famous analysts and mathematicians from all over the globe for … [Read more...]

The Technical Analysis Fallacy

For ages, man has always tried to predict various aspects of his life.And in pursuit of this, civilizations after civilizations have discovered many obscure sciences, which are in use till this date.Information is power - this is true for everyone in all walks of life, and more so, in the … [Read more...]

What “Kolaveri Di” Song Teaches You About Personal Finance

Unless you have been hibernating for a few months, there is no way you have not heard about the song "Kolaveri Di".It is a song from an upcoming Tamil film, and the lyrics are in Tamil and English.The song is HUGELY popular - not only in Tamilnadu, not only in Southern India, not only in … [Read more...]

NSE Introduces S&P and Dow Jones Derivatives – Should You Invest?

 The National Stock Exchange (NSE) would be launching derivatives based on S&P and Dow Jones indices from 29 Aug, 2011. … [Read more...]

Senior Citizens and stock market – Why to invest, how to invest

This article looks at the importance of stock markets when it comes to investment by senior citizens. It explains why seniors should invest in stocks, how they can do this, and how much should they invest. … [Read more...]

SEBI doubles retail investment limit in IPO to Rs. 2 Lakhs

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has increased the limit of IPO investment for retail investors to Rs. 2 Lakhs from Rs. 1 Lakh. Read on for more details and the significance of this decision for you. … [Read more...]

Staying invested in the stock market – What does it mean?

You should invest for the long term, and should stay invested in equities. But what does this mean? How should you do it? Read on. … [Read more...]

Mandatory 25 percent public shareholding / float for listed companies – How it impacts you

The government has mandated that all listed companies in India need to have at least 25% public shareholding. How does it impact various companies, and what does it mean to you? Read on. … [Read more...]

Stock Split or Bonus – Reason enough to cheer?

The moment a company announces a stock split or a bonus, the price of its shares shoots up. But what is a stock split, and what is a bonus? This article presents a comparison between these two, and explains their implications. It also explains the difference between a stock split and a bonus issue. … [Read more...]

Dividend Yield – A better alternative to FDs

This article describes how the strategy of Dividend Yield can be used to generate regular income, and get capital gains as a bonus! … [Read more...]