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Direct investment in Stocks versus Mutual Funds (MFs)?

This article compares mutual fund investments with direct equity investments. It gives pros and cons of each, and suggests what type of investors should invest in each. … [Read more...]

Re-rating demystified

This article talks about rerating, and explains how stock price is related to the most fundamental metric - the stock's EPS … [Read more...]

See trends in the marketplace, not in stock market

This article introduces you to an intuitive way of stock selection - by observing companies operate in the market around you! … [Read more...]

A tip about “tips”

This article advises small, long term investors to wisely stay away from "tips", and from the TV channels handing them out! … [Read more...]

Limiting your losses

This article talks about Stop Loss, and its variant, Trailing Stop Loss. It describes how these should be employed in ones investment strategy. … [Read more...]

Can you time the market?

This article talks about the efficient market hypothesis, and its implications on an individual's investment strategy. … [Read more...]

Ratio Analysis – PE, PEG, RoE, RoCE, RoNW, debt equity, etc

This article defines various ratios used during fundamental analysis, like PE, PEG, RoE, RoCE, RoNW, debt equity, etc. … [Read more...]

Are you an investor or a trader?

This article makes a distinction between investors and traders. It defines each investment style, with their advantages and disadvantages. … [Read more...]