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Debt Collection or Debt Recovery – Where are We headed?

We take loans for almost everything - a house, a car, a computer or laptop, an LCD TV, a foreign vacation, and a lot more.We have every intention of repaying that loan, but there are times when we just can't - due to things like loss of income or unexpected expenses, there are times when we stop … [Read more...]

Not Cash, Not Travellers Cheques: Use Travel Card

 When you travel abroad, how do you carry the money? Cash or travellers cheques, right? Now, there is a third alternative which offers the best of both: A travel card. … [Read more...]

Don’t blow away a windfall – Smart ways to spend your bonus and arrears

This article explains how money received out of turn - bonus, arrears, etc - should be utilized prudently to improve your financial health. … [Read more...]

Understanding Credit Cards – The Basics

Do you get calls from telemarketers, offering you pre-approved credit cards? Aren’t you bombarded with many credit card offers?Not familiar with credit cards, and want to know how they work? Want to understand the various terms used while dealing with credit cards? Read on. … [Read more...]