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Announcing “Income Tax Formula” – Plus a Chance to Win Prizes Worth Over Rs. 10,000

As most of the regular readers would know, I have been helping my readers with their personal finance related issues since 2007.In all these years, many of the queries have been about tax saving investments - especially from young people who have just joined the workforce and have started making … [Read more...]

Education Loans / Study Loans / Student Loans in India

The cost of higher education has been escalating day by day, and it is increasingly becoming difficult to fund higher education expenses yourself.If you have been looking for funding your own higher education, or the education of your son or daughter, an education loan (also called a student … [Read more...]

New Internet Scam in the name of Income Tax (IT) Refund and How you can stay safe

The internet has a lot of con men trying to rob you of your money through scams - whether it is someone wanting to transfer money from eastern Europe or some widow of a war lord in Africa asking for your help.Now, a new scam has emerged that is targeting Indians specifically - it is also in the … [Read more...]

15 Income Tax resources to help you prepare & file your income tax return (ITR)

Here are the top 15 income tax related articles from that would prove to be very useful while you prepare and file your income tax returns. … [Read more...]

Download Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) Forms for FY 2010-11 AY 2011-12

Here are the links to the latest ITR forms needed for this years income tax return filing (FY 2010-11, AY 2011-12) … [Read more...]

Income Tax Return (ITR) filing is round the corner – Get a 20% discount now!

Get a 20% discount on preparation and filing of your Income Tax Return (ITR) online through ITR preparation & filing starts at just199. No upfront payment - you pay only when you actually file the return! Read on for details about hoe to get the discount. … [Read more...]

Provisions for clubbing of income for Income Tax – And how to use them to your benefit

Did you know that some other peoples' income can be included with your income for the calculation of income tax? But there are ways of avoiding it. Read on! … [Read more...]

Are you salaried? You might not need to file an income tax return (ITR)

If you are salaried, you are no more required to file an IT return – provided you meet some conditions. Read on for more details. … [Read more...]

What is a Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) in MFs and how it can help you

You are well aware of the Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) offered by Mutual Funds (MFs). But do you know what a Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) is, and how it can benefit you? Read on. … [Read more...]

7 things to do NOW to avoid problems in filling and filing your Income Tax Return (ITR) form

Here is a list of things you should do right now in order to avoid any issues while filing your Income Tax Return (ITR). … [Read more...]