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What is a Permanent Account Number (PAN), who needs it and how to get it

This article explains the PAN number in detail, and explains how to get a PAN card. It also talks about who needs it – resident Indians, NRIs, etc. … [Read more...]

Document Identification Number (DIN) from the Income Tax (IT) department – One more number to deal with!

The Income Tax (IT) department has come up with one more number after the PAN – Document Identification Number, or DIN. Let's find out what it is, how to obtain it, how to use it, and whether it would create more hassles for you. … [Read more...]

Direct Tax Code (DTC) – A Complete Guide

This article explains the Direct Tax Code (DTC) in detail, and analyses its implications for you. Basically, its a comprehensive guide to the Direct Tax Code (DTC) – read on! … [Read more...]

Lock in for Equity Linked Saving Scheme (ELSS) units purchased through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

This article talks about the lock-in period for ELSS MF units that have been bought using SIPs. … [Read more...]

Earning from Blogging and Income Tax (IT) – Part time blogging, Google AdSense, PayPal and more

Many bloggers have questions about income tax on the income they generate from their blogs – whether its full time or part time. The confusion is compounded due to foreign sources of income like Google AdSense and PayPal. Here are some common queries and their answers. … [Read more...]

Revised draft of Direct Tax Code (DTC) released – The changes and how they impact you

The revised draft of the Direct Tax Code (DTC) has been unveiled. Let’s see what the changes are, and let’s understand what it means for you – what is good and not so good in this new DTC. … [Read more...]

Income Tax (IT) treatment of gratuity proceeds and calculation of exemption

How much income tax you pay on the amount you receiv as gratuity depends on the type your employer and your coverage under the Payment of Gratuity Act. This article explains the taxation provisions in detail. … [Read more...]

Section 80CCF – Save Income Tax (IT) through investment in infrastructure bonds

Budget 2010 has introduced one more avenue for you to save tax – Infrastructure Bonds. This article explains the detailed provisions for this. … [Read more...]

Budget 2010-2011: Service Tax on Property / House / Apartments / Flats

Budget 2010 introduced service tax on construction of property by builders. What does it mean for you as a buyer? Would you have to pay Lakhs of rupees more? Find out what would be covered under this new provision. … [Read more...]

Understanding the components of your salary and their taxation

Your salary consists of many components. This article explains what each component means. It also discusses the income tax applicability of each component.[The article has been inspired by a query from reader Dinesh Kumar] … [Read more...]