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4 things you must do before your child turns 1 year old

Do you have a son / daughter? Are you expecting a baby? Here are the four things you must do before your kid turns one. … [Read more...]

Staying invested in the stock market – What does it mean?

You should invest for the long term, and should stay invested in equities. But what does this mean? How should you do it? Read on. … [Read more...]

When should you start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of a mutual fund (MF)?

You know that you want to start an SIP, but are not sure about the timing. Should you start it now, or should you wait for the market to correct? When is the right time to start an SIP? This article explains it all. … [Read more...]

Cost To Company or CTC salary: Understanding and Calculation

What is Cost to Company or CTC salary? How is it calculated? If your CTC package is so high, why do you get so little in hand? This article explains it all. … [Read more...]

Understanding the components of your salary and their taxation

Your salary consists of many components. This article explains what each component means. It also discusses the income tax applicability of each component.[The article has been inspired by a query from reader Dinesh Kumar] … [Read more...]

Retirement money: How to invest, where to invest

At the time of retirement, you get a large sum of money. It can be from your provident fund (PF), superannuation, leave encashment, commutation of pension, or any combination of these.The biggest question that faces you at that time is: How and where to invest this money? Which investment avenue … [Read more...]

When “at-par” is not so good: New Fund Offer (NFO) versus existing MF schemes

Many people get attracted to a New Fund Offer (NFO) because it is available at par, or at face value of Rs. 10. But does it actually mean that the units are cheap or inexpensive? Is there any advantage of buying MF units during an NFO compared to buying units of an existing scheme?This article … [Read more...]

Why does the financial / fiscal year start from 1st April?

The financial year (FY) runs from April to March. Companies present their yearly account for the period April – March. The government presents its budget for April – March. Even we file our income tax information for April – March. Ever wondered why the financial year is from April to March, and not … [Read more...]

Provident Fund (PF) and Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF)

Provident Fund (PF) and Voluntary PF (VPF) are two investment avenues that most salaried people invariably encounter. This article explains what PF is, and also talks about Voluntary Contributions to the PF account. Here’s how you can use PF and VPF to create a great base for a great retirement. … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investment

This article describes real estate as an asset class, and talks about the different avenues of investment possible in real estate. … [Read more...]