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Senior Citizens and stock market – Why to invest, how to invest

This article looks at the importance of stock markets when it comes to investment by senior citizens. It explains why seniors should invest in stocks, how they can do this, and how much should they invest. … [Read more...]

5 Points to note when buying a house / residential property

What are the factors to be considered while buying a house / flat? Here are some tips. … [Read more...]

Codicil: An alternative to writing a new will for minor changes

Do you know what is a Codicil? How it is related to a will? When it should be used? Read on... … [Read more...]

How to revive a lapsed life insurance policy

You were negligent, and forgot to pay the premiums for your life insurance policy. Now the policy has lapsed.Can anything be done to start the policy again? Can it be revived? Do medical tests need to be done again? Read on to find out all the details. … [Read more...]

4 things you must do before your child turns 1 year old

Do you have a son / daughter? Are you expecting a baby? Here are the four things you must do before your kid turns one. … [Read more...]

Earning from Blogging and Income Tax (IT) – Part time blogging, Google AdSense, PayPal and more

Many bloggers have questions about income tax on the income they generate from their blogs – whether its full time or part time. The confusion is compounded due to foreign sources of income like Google AdSense and PayPal. Here are some common queries and their answers. … [Read more...]

When should you start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of a mutual fund (MF)?

You know that you want to start an SIP, but are not sure about the timing. Should you start it now, or should you wait for the market to correct? When is the right time to start an SIP? This article explains it all. … [Read more...]

Understanding the components of your salary and their taxation

Your salary consists of many components. This article explains what each component means. It also discusses the income tax applicability of each component.[The article has been inspired by a query from reader Dinesh Kumar] … [Read more...]

Don’t blow away a windfall – Smart ways to spend your bonus and arrears

This article explains how money received out of turn - bonus, arrears, etc - should be utilized prudently to improve your financial health. … [Read more...]

When you aren’t around – Succession Planning – Will and Nomination

This article gives an introduction to succession planning - it talks about the importance of nomination, and describes the process of making a Will. … [Read more...]