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It's TOTALLY FREE! launches financial planning service in India – “My Financial Plan” now offers financial planning service, called “My Financial Plan”, for the people of India.

I am delighted to launch a totally new service at – “My Financial Plan”. It is a part of the features I hinted at when the website was relaunched 10 days back.

“My Financial Plan” – The motive behind the service

Through, I have been helping you with your financial situations for a long time now. I have been eager and willing to listen to your issues, and have been providing solutions that work.

“My Financial Plan” is an extension of the same desire to help you lead a financially healthy life.

“My Financial Plan” is an online financial planning service that aims to look after your long term financial health in a strategic way. It would help you plan for important life events in advance, so that you can meet their financial demands comfortably.

“My Financial Plan” provides you a blueprint that you can follow for your investments, so that you can achieve all your financial goals comfortably.

What does “My Financial Plan” include

A financial plan prepared for you through the “My Financial Plan” service would contain:

  • A roadmap for making Investments in order to achieve your goals
  • Analysis of your life insurance needs
  • Analysis of your health insurance needs
  • Retirement planning for you
  • Analysis of your asset allocation
  • Calculation of your net worth
  • Analysis of your cash flows
  • Finding out your liquidity profile
  • Calculation of your emergency / contingency find requirements

It would also contain concrete suggestions for improving on all these aspects.

Factors that would be analyzed

I would prepare your financial plan (containing all the above) after analyzing:

  • Your income and expenditure
  • Your saving habits
  • Your risk profile
  • Your assets and liabilities
  • Your asset allocations
  • Your insurance needs
  • Your contingency fund requirements
  • Your financial goals

Do check it out

Please have a look at “My Financial Plan” – An online financial planning service for the people of India.

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