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About the Author

Important Update: I was working full time on this site, but now I am back to a corporate career. For complete details, please visit: The Journey of an Entrepreneur Comes to an End!

Raag Vamdatt - Author

Raag Vamdatt, Financial Planner

Hi everyone!

I am Raag Vamdatt. I am really passionate about personal finance and investing, especially stocks / equities. I have been an avid reader of financial papers and journals since my school days and like to keep myself abreast of the latest in this industry.


My Investment Philosophy

Being a firm believer that only equities have the ability to give sustained, inflation-beating returns in the long term, I feel it should be a part of every person’s portfolio.

Warren Buffet has been my greatest inspiration. Although his way of investing (through a holding company) may not be practical for small investors, the fundamental principles that he and other value investors use can be understood and applied by small investors too.


My Background

As a kid, I started with helping my father in filing his income tax returns. We also used to discuss various investment avenues prevalent then, like bank FDs and Life Insurance.

Then I started handling my father’s stock portfolio. I have also been advising family and friends about investment planning for over a decade.

Through my website, I intend to reach out to a wider audience and help them realize their financial dreams. I want my website to serve as a one stop-shop for all your financial planning needs.


My academic and professional qualifications

I have an MBA in Finance from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Mumbai University. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (BE) from Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

I currently work in Manhattan, New York, USA.


Note: The views expressed in my articles are purely mine, and may not reflect the views of my past employers or clients.