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Technical Analysis Techniques – Charts, MACD, RSI, CCI & More

As defined on Wikipedia, technical analysis is a security analysis discipline used for forecasting the direction of prices through the study of past market data, primarily price and volume.This discipline has been enriched by many famous analysts and mathematicians from all over the globe for … [Read more...]

The Technical Analysis Fallacy

For ages, man has always tried to predict various aspects of his life.And in pursuit of this, civilizations after civilizations have discovered many obscure sciences, which are in use till this date.Information is power - this is true for everyone in all walks of life, and more so, in the … [Read more...]

By popular demand: 20% off on financial planning service – Till 10th Oct ONLY

Hello,I have recently revised the price of the "My Financial Plan" service to Rs. 7,999, effective 1st Oct.Even at this new price, this personalized financial planning service provides tremendous value because it remains cheaper than most other financial planning services available – while … [Read more...]

4 days left to get my financial planning service really cheap – Price of the “My Financial Plan” service is increasing

Hello,As you would be aware, apart from writing articles here, I also offer personalized financial planning service as a financial planner.I analyze your income and expenses, life and health insurance, asset allocation, net worth, etc.I also ask for details of your various financial … [Read more...]

Your Provident Fund (PF) account balance now available online

Your PF account details including the latest account balance can now be checked online. Read on for more details. … [Read more...]

Codicil: An alternative to writing a new will for minor changes

Do you know what is a Codicil? How it is related to a will? When it should be used? Read on... … [Read more...]

Cost To Company or CTC salary: Understanding and Calculation

What is Cost to Company or CTC salary? How is it calculated? If your CTC package is so high, why do you get so little in hand? This article explains it all. … [Read more...]

Long Term and Short Term Capital Gain – Income Tax Calculation

We often hear the term “Capital Gains”. What is capital gain or loss? How is it classified into long term and short term? What is its treatment as far as income tax goes? Read on... … [Read more...]