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Download Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) Forms for FY 2010-11 AY 2011-12

Here are the links to the latest ITR forms needed for this years income tax return filing (FY 2010-11, AY 2011-12)

July is almost over, and you are in a hurry to fill up and file your income tax returns!

To help you, here are quick links to the latest ITR forms for this year’s filing (FY 2010-11, AY 2011-12).


Income Tax Return (ITR) forms for FY 2010-11, AY 2011-12

  • {filelink=68} ITR1 – Sahaj
  • {filelink=69} Instructions for ITR1
  • {filelink=70} ITR2
  • {filelink=71} Instructions for ITR2
  • {filelink=72} ITR3
  • {filelink=73} Instructions for ITR3
  • {filelink=74} ITR4S – Sugam
  • {filelink=75} Instructions for ITR-4S
  • {filelink=76} ITR4
  • {filelink=77} Instructions for ITR4
  • {filelink=78} Acknowledgement ITRV


Not sure which ITR to file?

If you are not sure about which ITR form to prepare and file, please read Income Tax (IT) Return Filing – Which ITR form to use?


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Income Tax Return (ITR) filing is round the corner – Get a 20% discount now!

Get a 20% discount on preparation and filing of your Income Tax Return (ITR) online through ITR preparation &...