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Need for Financial Planning – Why You Must Have a Financial Plan

Dreams can always become a part of your reality with proper planning.

Every family creates its own budget highlighting savings. We often witness people getting the same salary enjoying different lifestyles and giving priorities to different needs. It is the way we plan today that will define our tomorrow.


Why Financial Planning is Important

Many famous ‘rags to riches’ stories like those of Dhirubhai Ambani and Karsanbhai Patel have often spoken about the significance of financial planning. Many still feel that financial planning is limited to companies and firms. However, every individual needs to plan his future wisely and make him or her financially secure for the forthcoming years.

There are loads of investment opportunities being introduced every other day, leaving the investor confused. People who are not well acquainted with the financial scenario feel insecure to invest in any plan.

In such cases, one can surely take the assistance of an expert who may enable you to utilize the most out of a particular scheme.  An experienced investor with profound knowledge can teach you the basics along with drafting a proper plan suiting your needs.


Improve Your Financial Future

It is sound planning that can enable you to keep your chin up even in times of financial adversities. Only with the right planning, you can prosper and intensify your investment. If you wish to make the future of your children secure, planning is highly essential on an immediate basis.

Expenses are surely going to rise with passing days. The sooner one invests, the chances increase of one making the most out of it. If you wish to create a future that is free of compromises for you and your family, investing is mandatory.

Investment is nothing but sowing seeds for the better future. Depending upon your situation and interest; apart from gold, realty and mutual funds, the stock market is a very promising option to look at.

There are maximum chances of one leading a financially contented life by heading for the right investment plans. A detailed ad disciplined policy assuring you the right growth pattern is required. Imbibing in an appropriate investment plan can enable you to get hold of savings that have multiplied all these years since you have been investing.


Save Income Tax…

Besides, you can also save on your taxes with these investment plans. Opting for right financial plans can bail you out from the burden of paying high taxes. With minimum tax liability, your prospects of savings increases manifold.

For you to be financially independent at a later stage of your life, investments are imperative. Besides, you can pave the way for a bright future for your kids by investing in the right places.

You can make a difference in the life of all your forthcoming generations with the investment plans you pick on today.

Proper planning can make your future perfect. So, invest smartly!



Financial planning is imperative in nature. Choosing the right investment plan with necessary assistance from a financial expert can enable you to intensify your investments.


This is a guest article by Kotak Securities, which is one of India’s leading stock broking firm offering stock trading, mutual fund and IPO investing service’s along with a research division specializing in Sectoral research and Company Specific Equity Research. Express your views on their Facebook Page and Twitter Handle (@KotakSecurities) or you can also browse through their various videos on YouTube and Slide Share.

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