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It's TOTALLY FREE! in media – Articles in Sakaal and mention in Right Choice magazine has received some more media coverage – articles from the websites have been published in Sakaal newspaper and quotes from Raag Vamdatt have been mentioned in the Which? Right Choice magazine.

Over the years, personal finance articles from have appeared in various magazines. In fact, articles have also been translated into other languages and printed in newspapers.

Many magazines and newspapers have also quoted the views of Raag Vamdatt as a personal finance expert.

I am proud to announce that this list of publications has recently increased.


Sakal Newspaper

Sakal ( is a very prominent Marathi daily that is published from many cities in Maharashtra including Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur and Aurangabad.

Articles from are now being translated in Marathi and published in Sakal. Here are some samples:

Break old FD or not

Break old FD or not


Break old FD or not - Web version

Break old FD or not - Web version


Buy house at young age - Web version

Buy house at young age - Web version



Which Right Choice Magazine

“Which?” is a 50 year old organization based in Britain, and is one of the most respected consumer organizations in the world. It publishes the “Which? Right Choice” magazine ( in India.

Raag Vamdatt’s views have been recently quoted in the magazine for an article on Term Insurance. Here are some excerpts:

“Term insurance is always the best form of life insurance. If you have any doubts, ask yourself if life insurance should serve a purpose other than financially protecting your loved ones. There’s no alternative to term insurance in this regard, as it gives you the highest possible cover at the lowest possible cost.”

“People often complain about the lack of returns. Maybe this is because, for decades, only endowment plans were available to us. Most people in India buy life insurance as an investment or for the tax benefit. These are not the right reasons to buy life insurance. It’s like expecting a product to perform two disparate jobs equally well. Expecting returns from your insurance premium is counter-productive. Are your premiums returned when your car insurance expires?”


RightChoice 1



RightChoice 2


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