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The Journey of an Entrepreneur… …Comes to an End!

A couple of years ago, I had left my lucrative, full-time job to become an entrepreneur – I started to work entirely as a financial planner!

At that time, I had proudly publicized this, and many of you – my readers – had encouraged me tremendously by your emails and comments.

I have now wound up my business, and I am entering the corporate world again. And I believe I owe you an explanation!

So please read on to know why I am taking up a job again, and what you can expect from the site going forward.


What Went Wrong?

The short answer is: my circumstances have changed, and working as a financial planner is no more feasible for me.

Here’s the long answer:

If you are a long time reader of this site, you would know that I was in the US for a few years. I had shifted back to India, and established my financial planning business.

Some time back, I shifted back to USA with my family. And I plan to be in the US at least for a few more years. This presents some practical problems:


1. Reaching You

Being away from India severely limits the ways I can reach you. If I am in India, I can conduct seminars, conduct workshops at your offices, participate in exhibitions – the opportunities are endless.

But being physically away means I have to rely completely on the internet.


2. Opportunity Cost

I face a huge opportunity cost – if I am an entrepreneur in India, I am foregoing a rupee salary. To break even financially, the earnings from by business have be equivalent to that salary.

But if I am an entrepreneur while living in USA, I am foregoing a lucrative dollar salary. The earnings from my business have to be equivalent to this dollar salary – which is almost impossible, especially since I am earning in rupees as a financial planner.

Which brings me to my last point…


3. Value of the Rupee

Earning in rupees and spending in dollars just doesn’t make sense… Take a large number, and divide it by 65 – you would understand what I mean!!

Due to these reasons, I decided to wind up my business and go back to the corporate world.


What Happens To This Site?

I had started and nourished this website with a lot of passion, and that’s why, I decided against selling it.

All the existing articles (and the comments) will remain online, which means you can still benefit from all the information. However, I would not be publishing new articles since I would be completely focusing on my job.

I have stopped all commercial activity – I had stopped taking new clients some months back, and all the activities for my existing clients have been completed. I have also stopped sale of all my products and services. Basically, I am stopping all commercial activity on this site.

One good news for you – I have taken off all advertisements from this site! So you would have a completely unobstructed experience going forward.


What Happens To My Existing Clients?

As I mentioned, I have already completed everything for my existing clients. So don’t worry, no one is left stranded!


What Can You Do If You Want a Financial Plan?

Although I would not be preparing any more financial plans, there are some able financial planners out there who you can reach out to.

Here are the two planners I wholeheartedly recommend:


Manish Chauhan (

Manish started in the financial planning world around the same time as me (end 2007), and has been tirelessly blogging about topics relating to personal finance.

He is doing some fantastic work, and can be of great help to you. You can visit for more details.


Saurabh Bansal (

Saurabh was once a colleague, and is now a good personal friend of mine. He is very knowledgeable, and has a team of well qualified financial planners who can help you with your planning needs.

You can visit for more details.


Thank You…

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continuous encouragement and patronage.

Whatever I did, I could not have done without you.


Raag Vamdatt.


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